Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 324

Chapter 324

Duke did not expect her to agree so easily. He smiled faintly. “Okay/” From the passenger seat at the back, George asked, “Dad, are we going to the preschool and pick up Mel?”

“Yeah. We’ll go and pick up Mel and Alden.” Duke turned sideways. “If you don’t want to go, you can get out of the car now.”

George found himself speechless. Did he look like he did not want to go? “I’ve finished work already. I’m coming along,” George gloomily said. The car was slowly driven out. George turned sideways and looked out the windows at the scenery that passed quickly, while he felt more and more gloomy. He did not know what feeling he was experiencing. It irked him to no end. Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in front of the preschool. There were still five minutes before the preschool was dismissed. After Ava hung up on a call, she walked to Alden, smiled, and said, “Alden, your mom just called me. She said she has something to do tonight, so she is not free to come and pick you and Mel up.” Alden obediently said, “It’s okay. Mel and I can take a bus.” Ava chuckled and said, “Alden, you really look like a little grown-up. You’re brilliant and thoughtful, but your mom also doesn’t feel comfortable letting you and Mel take the bus home alone, so she purposely had Uncle Duke come and pick you up!” Alden was stunned for a while. “Uncle Duke?”

“Yes, it’s Uncle Duke. He seemed to have come to the preschool last time.” Ava’s face blushed.

When Tyson pretended to be Alden and Melody’s father last time, it was this Mr. Winters who had brought a lawyer and chased Tyson away. Mr. Winters’ features and appearance were totally unforgettable.

She wondered what the relationship between these two kids and Mr. Winters was.

“Ring!” When the bell rang, Ava led all the children to the entrance of the preschool. As soon as they went out, all of them saw an adult and a boy standing outside the preschool.

Duke wore a black suit, and he was dressed up in black from head to toe. The yellow glow of the setting sun shone on him, offsetting his cold aura by just a little. His sharp gaze, upright nose bridge, and gorgeous thin lips looked much gentler under the sunlight of the setting sun. George beside him was also in a black suit. The coldness in his eyes was identical to Duke’s.

When the kids of the preschool looked over, all of them became shocked.

“Wow! That uncle looks so much like Alden!”

“Alden, is that your dad? He looks so handsome!”

“Wow! Alden, is that boy your brother? He looks identical to you!”

The kids exclaimed and talked.

Ava cast a glance. In hindsight, she realized that Alden and the Winters really looked alike.

If people who did not know them saw them, they might have thought that they were a family.

Alden pursed his lips, and he wanted to explain matters, but Melody suddenly swung his hand away before she rushed out like a stray arrow.

Duke squatted down, lifted the little girl who rushed over, and carried her in his arms.

The little girl who was always reserved suddenly held Duke’s neck and gently kissed him on the cheek

Then, she shyly lowered her head to his chest. Duke trembled, and his heart was suddenly filled with a sense of satisfaction that he never had.

Alden watched this scenario from afar. It was only after he turned back and said goodbye to his teacher and classmates that he slowly walked toward Duke.