Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 322

Chapter 322

Duke indifferently said, “Today is the third review meeting of Project A-F. You’re the primary person-in-charge, yet you’re absent from such an important meeting. Don’t you owe me an explanation?”

“Mr. Winters, I’ve passed all the documents of the third review meeting to my assistant, Serene. She has been involved in every session, so she won’t let you down.” Her voice in the call was very indifferent and aloof. Duke could imagine the expression on her face as she spoke.

He paused for a while before he indifferently said, “I’ve given the review a read. It’s pretty good. It does not disappoint. I’d like to invite you for dinner tonight. What time are you free?”

As soon as he said that, everyone in the room was shocked.

All of them looked at the stack of documents in front of Serene.

The meeting had not yet even started. The documents related to the review meeting were not even flipped through. When did Mr. Winters read them?

Besides, Mr. Winters said that the information had achieved his expectation. Even so, his expression had darkened as soon as he entered the room. He was clearly in a bad mood. Did he look the least bit satisfied? But he said he wanted to treat the primary person-in-charge to dinner, so he should probably be very happy with it, right? Everyone in the room finally sighed in relief. However, right after they sighed in relief, they noticed Duke’s eyes frosting up again. “I’m sorry, Mr. Winters. I have other plans tonight.” Adina indifferently said. Duke’s gaze slowly turned cold. “Will you be free tomorrow night then?” He had to meet her. If he did not sort some things out with her, this woman might avoid him forever.

He did this because he did not want Harold to feel sad, not because of anything else… “I will not be free every night in the future.” Adina paused for a while before she resumed, “I promised Harold that I’ll make him dinner every night.”

Duke was stunned.

Did this woman not visit the Winters family for a few days? Had this woman not refused to cook for Harold anymore? Why did she suddenly…? “Auntie Adina, are you talking to my dad on the phone…” Harold’s childish voice vaguely came from the phone.

Duke’s furrowed eyebrows gradually eased up, and his stifling aura quickly vanished. He smiled faintly. “Okay, I got it.”

He hung up, and he cast a glance over. Everyone who was terrified in the room immediately lowered their heads and flipped through their documents. They pretended to not have heard anything. “The meeting is adjourned.” Duke pushed away his chair, stood up, and coldly said. Serene froze for a while before she quickly stood up and said, “Mr. Winters, the third review meeting has not started yet…” “I’m very satisfied with it. Just execute it according to the document.” Duke briskly walked outside. Serene was stunned once again. There was no problem with the report done by Miss Daugherty, but the investor just approved it without even sparing a glance. Was he not being too aloof about it?

No matter what, this was also a big project that cost ten digits. But when Serene recalled that Duke kept confirming with Miss Daugherty’s schedule and he wanted to treat Miss Daugherty to a meal, she knew that it would not be that simple. Duke quickly walked to the elevator. When the door of the elevator just opened, a boy in a suit walked out. “Dad, where are you going?”