Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 318

Chapter 318

“Tyson is not our father. You don’t need to fight the lawsuit with the Osborne family, Mommy.” Alden lowered his eyes and said, “I’m sorry. Mommy. I should have told you sooner.” “You knew all along?” Adina’s throat was dry. She forced out a few words with difficulty. Alden nodded. “I’ve suspected it a long, long time ago. I just hadn’t done the paternity test.” Adina recalled that Melody had called Duke “Daddy” twice. Her heart trembled a little. “Does Mel also know Duke is your father?”

“Mel doesn’t know.” Alden pursed her lips and said, “But she likes Duke. She has always wanted Duke to be our father, but I don’t think Duke would’ve guessed that we are the children of the Winters family.”

Adina closed her eyes.

Her head was in turmoil as all sorts of thoughts surfaced in her mind.

Tyson was not her children’s father, so that meant she did not have to fight the lawsuit anymore.

However, if Duke found out about Alden and Melody, would he also do everything he could to fight her for the custody of her children?

If Duke wanted to file a lawsuit, there was no way Brenden would help her.

Adina pressed her forehead and said in a low voice, “Alden, go out and stay with your sister. I need some time alone.”

Alden walked out obediently.

Adina kept her head down and did the dishes. She did them very slowly. While doing the dishes, her chaotic mind was gradually relieved.

She thought of that night five years ago.

She had been drugged and delirious. She could not remember what the man looked like. She only remembered the strong smell of hormones,

That day on the cruise ship, after drinking the beverage spiked by Trent, she smelled the same sonell on Duke’s body

It was just that she met Tyson that day, and he described that night five years ago accurately. She was convinced that Tyson was the man who spent that night with her.

The truth was that it was Duke

The man who ruined her Was Duke!

Adina could not stop her emotions from churning up again. She took a deep breath and put the plates into the sterilization cabinet one by one before she continued thinking about it.

All of a sudden! George and Harold’s figures came to her mind. These two children were the sons of Dew and Duke. According to Madam Daugherty and Duke, they were the children Dew gave birth to in secret when she got pregnant out of wedlock five years ago.

She was pregnant out of wedlock five years ago!

Dew was also pregnant out of wedlock five years ago! She gave birth to fraternal twins! Dew gave birth to twins! And the children’s father was Duke. Could this all just be a coincidence? A bizarre thought emerged in Adina’s mind.

Could it be…?

Was it possible that…?

She tried not to think about it anymore. She was afraid that the loftier the hope, the greater the disappointment. Just then, Mr. Samuel Osborne called her again. Adina took a glance at her phone and hung up directly.

A few minutes later, Mr. Samuel Osborne sent her a long text message.

“Ms. Daugherty, those two children are the bloodline of the Osborne family. We will let them claim their ancestry, no matter the price. Children require the support of their father’s family to grow up healthily. You can’t make selfish decisions about your children’s future. If you continue to avoid us, then don’t blame us for taking an aggressive approach.”.

Adina deleted the text message straight away.

She was not afraid of the Osborne family at all.

She had a more important matter to deal with now.