Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 317

Chapter 317

Alden’s finger continued to scroll down. The more he read, the colder his expression became. So, something big happened a few days ago. He could not believe he missed such an important thing. It’s a good thing that Mommy hired Brenden as their defense lawyer, otherwise, he and his sister’s custody might really be taken away by Tyson.

However… Didn’t Tyson do a paternity test before he filed the lawsuit? He and his sister were not the Osborne family’s offsprings. However, the Osborne family did not know that, and neither did Mommy. Alden turned around and looked at Adina, who was cooking. Mommy’s brows were knitted so firmly that there were three vertical lines between her brows.

Mommy must not be able to get a good sleep because of this.

The Osborne family came on strong, and Mommy did not know the truth. She would pay a great price, in order to protect him and his sister. Alden clenched his fingers. His thin lips were tightly pursed. A meal was quickly prepared. Adina brought three dishes and a soup to the table. Melody put on the bib on her own and sat at the dining table. Her eyes shone brightly as she stared at the delicate and mouth-watering dishes. Adina put vegetables and carrots into her bowl. “Stop eating only meat all the time. Look how chubby your little face has become.” Recently, the little girl had gained at least 2.5 kilograms. Her chubby little cheeks were like buns.

Alden put a piece of roast pork into Melody’s bowl. “Mel looks prettier fat. She won’t be blown away when there is strong wind.”

Adina smiled tenderly,

Melody was not even one and a half years old when she had learned to walk. She weighed only ten kilograms. She did fall to the ground once being blown by strong wind.

She did not expect that Alden would remember events that happened when he was barely over a year old to such clarity, After dinner, it was Melody’s piano practice time, Adina washed the dishes while listening to the piano playing in the living room. Alden walked into the kitchen with a piece of photocopied paper in his hand. He said in a low voice, “Mommy, I have something to tell you.”

As soon as she heard her son speak in a tone like that, Adina knew immediately that Alden must have something important to tell her.

She dried the water on her hands. She looked up and said, “Come on, let’s go sit in the living room and talk about it.”

“Maybe it’s better to keep this from Mel for now.” Alden took a few steps forward and handed over the photocopied paper in his hand. “You will know after reading this, Mommy.” Adina frowned perplexedly. She took over the thin sheet of paper. When she saw the black bolded headline, her gaze was instantly fixed on it.

Paternity test report. Why would Alden have this? She took a deep breath and continued to read.

Name: Duke Winters, Alden Daugherty.

Adina’s eyes opened wide!

She moved her gaze directly to the last column. It was determined that the probability of paternity was above 99.99%. “Al, this… This…”

Adina’s lips quivered. She glanced through the entire paternity report again. She still could not believe it. Alden and Duke… How could it be possible?

It was unbelievable.

“Mommy, this is the DNA test report I got from the paternity testing center. The samples used were my hair and Duke’s hair,” Duke said slowly.

“Which means Duke is mine and Mel’s biological father.”

Adina trembled,

She held onto the table and stood up straight. She opened her mouth with difficulty and said, ” This can’t be possible.”

Alden and Melody’s father was ‘Tyson. How did it become Duke now?