Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 316

Chapter 316

“Mrs. Osborne, nothing you say will change my mind. I will never let my children go back to the Osborne family. I will never give up custody of my children!”

Adina hung up the phone after finishing her sentence coldly. As she put the phone down and slowly turned back, she immediately met a pair of dark and thoughtful eyes.

“Al »

Adina winced internally. Al could not have heard everything she just said to Mrs. Osborne, could he? Alden raised his cold eyes and said slowly, “Mommy, who is approaching you for custody of me and my sister?” “Al, you misheard me.” Adina’s tongue was dry. “I was just talking to an employee about a


“Mommy, I was in the kitchen since the moment you answered that call,” Alden said slowly.” Mommy, I’m old enough to help you share the burden of many, many things, so stop keeping

it from me.”

Adina heaved a deep sigh. Regarding the children’s father, she really hoped she could hide it from them for the rest of their lives.


He was the children’s biological father. Alden and Melody had the blood of the Osborne family running through their veins. Was that something she could stop? One day, the Osborne family would show up in front of the children. That innate attraction deep in their blood was not something she could muddle through with just a few words.

“AI, when you were little, didn’t you ask me who you and Mel’s father was?” Adina chuckled bitterly. “A week ago, he came to me and asked for custody of you two.”

Alden raised his eyebrows in shock “Our biological father?”

“He is the chairman and president of Osborne Corporation in Central City, Tyson Osborne.” Adina squalled down and pressed her hands on Alden’s shoulders. “Your biological father wants you and Melto claim your ancestry. What do you think about it?”

Her voice was relaxed, but her gaze was austere,

if Alden wanted to go back to his father, did she have a second choice other than letting go?

Even so, Alden’s brows were tightly knitted.

Tyson Osborne, he looked into that man. He did suspect at that time that this man had something to do with Mommy. However, he did a paternity test afterward. The result showed that Duke was his and Melody’s biological father. Where on earth did Tyson get the nerve to fight for custody of him and Yin Yin? Alden opened his mouth and was about to tell her everything, but then he paused. He pursed his lips and said, “Mel and I will stay with you forever. We are not going anywhere.” Adina heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m glad to hear that. I will protect you and Mel. I won’t let anyone take you away from me.” “Mommy, is Tyson difficult to deal with?” Alden asked slowly. “How sure are you about winning the lawsuit?”.

Adina smiled. “I hired a famous lawyer, Mr. Watson, to represent me. It’s not a big issue. Don’t worry about this. Go on now. Go play with your sister.” Alden nodded his head and walked out of the kitchen.

He took out his phone and clicked on the news webpage. Then, he typed in the words “Adina Daugherty”. Instantly, several headlines popped up.