Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 314

Chapter 314

After that night five years ago, he had never had such a dream. In the dream just now, the face of the woman who was in the bed with him was actually Adina’s.

He had a dream that he and Adina were making love in a hotel bed. Duke got up and went into the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. Once he felt his mind clearing up, he suddenly recalled the familiar scent on Adina’s body. Five years ago, the woman he had spent a passionate night with had the same scent on her. Adina and Dew were sisters, but they were not sisters of the same mother. Their body scents should be different.

Could it be…? A ridiculous thought emerged in Duke’s mind.

Once that thought had emerged, it could not be suppressed.

When did Adina have her coming-of-age ceremony five years ago? If he remembered correctly, it was that same summer night.

Duke immediately took out his phone to search for news.

The internet was full of news about the most beautiful woman of Sea City. Her illicit photos from five years ago could still be found on some websites.

Duke quickly browsed through all the relevant news. The disbelief on his face only grew. He dialed a phone number. The phone rang for a long time before someone picked it up. An angry voice came from the other end of the phone. “Duke, look at the time now! You’re calling me in the middle of the night! This had better be about something serious, or I am going to your house tomorrow and teaching you a lesson!” “Trent, do you still remember what happened that day five years ago?” “What, five years ago?” Trent cursed as he sat up. “Damn you! It’s three o’clock in the middle of the night! Why won’t you let me sleep?”

“Five years ago, you deliberately got me drunk. And then, you sent a woman into my room. Do you remember who it was?”

“Hang on, why are you asking me about this? That girl has given birth to your two sons. Do you still not know who she is? Speaking of which, I don’t even know who that woman was back then You did a very good job in keeping the identity of George and Harold’s mother concealed. You kept even me in the dark.”

Duke pinched the spot between his brows.

It looked like Trent also did not know who that woman was back then. The face in the dream was exactly the same as Adina’s. However, Adina and Dew were sisters. They only slightly resembled each other. Was he just overthinking it? Duke said slowly, “Sunderland Corporation is the major shareholder of Grand Emperor Hotel. Can you get me the security footage from five years ago?” “What do you want that for?” “Just tell me if you can get it or not.” “I can.” Trent yawned. “I will drop by the hotel and ask the staff.”



After hanging up, Duke walked out onto the balcony

On that night five years ago, he and some of his friends, including Trent, were drinking at the clubhouse opposite Grand Emperor Hotel. Meanwhile, Adina’s 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony had been held in the lobby of Grand Emperor Hotel. When he was drunk, Trent had sent a woman into his room. And the next day, Adina was photographed by a reporter, claiming that she had spent the night with some man.

The same night, the same hotel, could it really be just a coincidence?

It was dawn.

Adina forced her eyes open. Last night, she actually dreamed about that night five years ago. It was just another night of being haunted by the nightmare. She covered the dark circles under her eyes with thick concealer. She brushed her teeth and washed her face as usual. Then, she sent her two children off to preschool. She had just watched the children walk into the preschool when her phone vibrated.