Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 313

Chapter 313

“What are you two arguing about?” Duke massaged the space between his eyebrows as he went and sat on the couch. Harold bit his lower lip and complained, “Daddy, do you know why Auntie Adina no longer comes to our house? It’s because George secretly schemed against her company, and she’s worried that he’ll hurt Mel. That’s why she doesn’t want to come to our house anymore!”

Duke frowned.

‘It has been almost a month since George’s attack on the official website of LaStar Technology Corporation, and Adina long knew about it. Why is she only upset now, after such a long lapse? ‘Perhaps Trent is right. Adina is jealous. ‘She’s jealous that Dew and me used to be together. ‘I’m extremely occupied these days. I don’t have time to think of a solution for this matter. Once I’m done with my corporation’s matter, I’ll think of a way.’ ‘Tomorrow is the third appraisal meeting of Project A-F. I need to think of something to explain to that woman clearly without causing a huge scene…’ “Daddy, say something!” Harold walked up to Duke and swung his hand. “This has nothing to do with George.” Duke said plainly, “Your grandma’s birthday is around the corner. If you are free, find a gift for her.” After he was done speaking, he walked up to the second floor. Harold clutched his fist as he looked up and yelled, “Daddy, can I also have a company of my own like George?” Duke stopped walking and turned and looked at him indifferently, “You can take over a subsidiary once you finish the business administration course.”

“Okay, Daddy! I’ll work hard!”

Harold said sternly as if he was stating some kind of oath.

Duke slowly smiled,

He used to wonder when Harold would be as sensible as George.

He truly did not expect the day to come so fast.

Duke went into his study room. Instead of dealing with various project documents, he opened the roster directory of a subsidiary of Winters Corporation.

“The Winters Corporation was established half a century ago, and it had already exceeded a hundred subsidiaries, involving all kinds of interdisciplinary, just like a tree with hundreds of blooming flowers.

‘Each subsidiary is at a high development stage, and its financial accounts are thriving. ‘Of course, I can’t give Harold such a subsidiary. I need to think of something…! It was late at night, the moonlight was shining brightly. The night was quiet and peaceful. In the night air, there was a heavy gasp, and a woman’s voice. Duke’s mind was chaotic.

A gust of wind blew the bedroom curtains open, and a ray of light shone in. Duke slowly opened his sleepy eyes and saw a beautiful face. He could see the vague outline of the woman’s face through the faint light. Even so, the blurred facial features surprised him.

This woman…

‘She’s the woman from five years ago… ‘I’m dreaming! Duke knew that he was dreaming, but he could not move his body. He opened his eyes and looked at the woman’s face. Even so, he still could not see her clearly. He leaned over and got closer, little by little. He was finally able to see the woman clearly.

‘She’s… How’s that possible?!”

Duke instantly woke up.

He opened his eyes, only to find that he had fallen asleep on his office chair. ‘It was just a dream…’