Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 310

Chapter 310

“I want to go to Cairnstan and see its renowned rivers and mountains. But I have been quite occupied recently. I don’t think I can attend your birthday banquet in Sea City, Aunt Mabel.” Catherine said regretfully, “I’ll be opening a counseling center in Sea City soon. By then, I can meet you and Duke to have a meal together.”

Dew’s eyelids twitched for a moment.

‘Aunt Mabel? Duke?

‘Why does this woman sound like she’s very close with Mrs. Winter and Duke? ‘Who’s she?’

Dew raised her eyebrow as she looked at Catherine in a composed manner. She then smiled and said, “You can contact me too, once you’ve arrived in Sea City. I can show you the famous scenic landmarks in Sea City, especially Oriental Pearl, where George and Hal like best…”

She intentionally mentioned her two sons, seemingly trying to remind Catherine of her position. Catherine’s eyes lit up. “Oh, yes! George and Harold are in Sea City too! Aunt Mabel talks about them every day. I adore them! I must open up my center in Sea City as soon as possible. I’ll be able to see them two every day soon!” Dew forced a smile. “Hal is quite headstrong. He doesn’t like to meet strangers.” “It’s okay. You’re her mother, right? I’m sure once we’re close friends, Hal will want to play with me. Catherine was so friendly that she touched Dew’s arm.

Dew let out a sigh of relief.

‘Despite her knowing Duke and I have had two sons together, she still adores them. Well, that just means she’s not into Duke. Looks like I’m just paranoid.”

Her smile became more genuine. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you in Sea City. I’ll bring Hal to fetch you at the airport.” After Mabel was done with her tea, she said, “When did you learn to play the piano?” Dew cautiously replied to her, “I learned to play the piano when I was young. I took lessons for a decade. I stopped playing it after I started working at Daugherty Corporation. Until recently, due to an accident, I quit the board of directors. Only then, did I have the time to play the piano again. I was able to go on tour with Ms. Alice because of George. He said he wishes that I can become a world-renowned pianist.” Mabel nodded, “Well, since it’s George’s wish, I hope you’ll work hard for it.” “Of course, Madam,” Dew said politely. Mabel looked at her and did not speak further.

Dew stayed in Ascrialia for the next three days, accompanying Mabel to art exhibitions and concerts.

She learned to play the piano when she was young and had learned art for three to five years. So, Mabel had to agree with her opinion on music and art.

At dusk, the streetlamps that were hidden in the trees gradually lit up the area in the mansion dimly with their faint lights.

A tiny figure stood at the entrance.

Harold hugged his knees and stared at the road in front of him with teary eyes.

Behind him was Colin, who was looking saddened by him. “Young Master Harold, let’s head back It’s no use even if you wait here…”

“Go back if you want to. I’ll stay!” Harold gritted as he said, “I’ve not seen Aunt Adina and Mel for three days already! I miss them! I’ll only go back after I see them!”

Colin had no idea what to do as he sighed. : ‘Ms. Daugherty is truly ruthless. How can she say nothing and stop coming for four days? ‘I thought that Sir would be able to persuade her. But something has happened to Winters Corporation, and Madam Winters’ banquet will be carried out very soon. There’s so much that he needs to do. He’s forced to put Ms. Daugherty’s matter aside for now…’