Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 309

Chapter 309

At the international concert hall in Ascrialia… This was Dew’s last concert abroad. She wore a black silk gown with pearls and gems inlaid on the black fabric. Her dress was sparkling under the chandelier. She sat on the stage, her back straight and poised. Her slender fingers flew over the keys on the piano.

She could feel all the audience’s gazes were fixed on her as if she was the center of the world…

They gave her a round of applause when her song ended. Dew stood up and bowed. As she slowly looked up, she suddenly felt an intense gaze staring at her. She instantly looked up at the audience and found a familiar face. ‘That’s Mrs. Winters, Duke’s mother. I’ve only seen her a couple of times. ‘The first time we met was when George and Harold turned hundred days old. The second time was when we celebrated their twins’ birthday for the first time.

‘I’m sure of it; I’ve not seen Mrs. Winters for three years. What are the odds of us meeting again at the International Concert Hall…?’

Dew hurriedly tried to recall if she embarrassed herself on stage earlier.

‘My performance earlier was perfect. That’s good. Mrs. Winters wouldn’t be able to notice any of my flaws… She smiled a little at Mabel. “Aunt Mabel, do you know the young female pianist on the stage?” Catherine asked curiously. Mabel nodded. “I wasn’t able to recognize her earlier on. But after she smiled at me, I remembered, She’s the mother of my two grandsons.” Catherine was stunned, “Ms. Daugherty is surely gorgeous and elegant.” Mabel was indifferent toward Catherine’s remark about Dew.

‘She does look naturally beautiful. Sure enough, George and Harold’s facial features are as gorgeous as hers.

‘But what a shame her family background is a little complicated. What’s more, the desire to profit in her eyes is too intense. She is not suitable to be Mrs. Winters. ‘But because she’s George and Harold’s biological mother, I have to play along and ask Duke to marry her. With that, they would be regarded as a complete family with two children.

‘But no matter how I persuade Duke, he’s not willing to marry Dew at all…’

After the concert ended, Dew invited Mabel to the resting area backstage. Catherine followed along

“Madam, if only I’d known you’d be attending the concert, I would’ve reserved the front row seat for you.” Dew politely poured a cup of tea for her with a smile. “There’ll be a top international pianist performing in a couple of days. If you’re free, I’ll go and get two tickets for you.”

All pianists who performed in the international concert hall were all intemationally renowned pianists. It was extremely difficult to get any of their tickets. Dew was Alice’s student, so she could easily ask the organizer to get her a few tickets to the concerts.

“It’s okay.” Mabel said plainly, “I’m planning to go back in a few days. How about you? How long are you planning to stay in Ascrialia?”

Dew rolled her eyes a little before saying with a smile, “Now that I’m done with my work, I am free to arrange my own schedule. Why don’t I accompany you for a few days? We can then head back to Sea City together? ‘If I can use this opportunity to curry favor with Mrs. Winters, perhaps I’ll have someone to support me to marry into the Winters family.’ Mrs. Winter nodded and turned to Catherine. “Catherine, why don’t you come back to Sea City with me as well?”