Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 308

Chapter 308 

Duke shifted his cold gaze to Harold. “Are you telling me what to do?”

Harold’s arrogance was quickly suppressed.

He mumbled, “It’s your fault. What’s so hard to apologize for?”

George frowned. “What did dad do?”

Duke wanted to know as well.

Harold snorted a little. “Whatever it is, you’re at fault. Auntie Adina wouldn’t be angry at you for no reason!”

After that, he turned and climbed on the chair. He started opening the lunch boxes and gobbling up the food. “Hmm! Tasty! This is so delicious! Auntie Adina’s buffalo wings are getting tastier!” He did not care how he looked. He stuffed his mouth with chicken wings like a squirrel.

George knew that Harold was a notoriously picky eater.

He was now curious to know how tasty the buffalo wings actually were…

Harold saw George staring at his lunch box. He hurriedly put his arms around them and said, with his mouth still full, “George, Auntie Adina made this food for me! It’s only enough for one person. Don’t you dare try to eat my food! It’s your fault that you’ve not been at home for the past two days. It’s your loss for not having the chance to eat Auntie Adina’s delicious food. They are really, really, really tasty. They’re even tastier than the food cooked by our chefs at home…”

The chefs and George were speechless.

The entire dining hall could hear Harold gobbling up his food.

Duke pursed his lips.

‘I have to admit that Adina’s cooking skill is impressive.

T’ve only eaten her cooking twice, but I don’t feel like eating the food cooked by our chefs anymore I can’t blamne Harold for being so protective of his food.’

‘Sir, this is the Egyptian gold plate we got today from the auction hall. When will we be sending in to Aserialia?” Colin smiled as he walked toward Duke. “Mrs. Winters loves things from Egypt. I’m sure she’ll be overjoyed when she receives her birthday gift!”

George turned, “Grandma will be celebrating her birthday in Ascrialia this year?”

“She says she’ll be coming home to celebrate her birthday.” Harold mumbled as he continued to eat the buffalo wings, “She told me that herself. I video called her last night.”

Duke spoke plainly, “I’ll call and ask her.”

He took out his phone. His mother was just a call away.

Mabel was drinking her tea in the manor when her phone vibrated on her desktop. She took a glance at the caller with a smile. The young lady sitting beside her smiled. “It must be Duke.” Mabel smiled and nodded. She then picked up the call. “Duke, have you eaten yet?” Duke said, “Mother, your birthday is just around the corner. Are you going to host a banquet abroad, or would it be at home?” “I told Hal last night that I’ll be going back for the birthday banquet.” Mabel smiled and said,” I’ve been away for too long. Everyone there might forget me if I don’t go back. I’ll be back in a few days. You can arrange the banquet for me.” “Okay, I will.”

Duke ended the call after he was done speaking. There was a hint of bitterness in Mabel’s smile.

‘Well, my son truly only goes straight to the point. He ends the call right after he has his answers. He didn’t even ask how I am…

“Aunt Mabel, so you really are returning for your birthday banquet, huh?” Catherine said, feeling sad. “It looks like I can only wish you happy birthday in advance.”

Mabel looked at her and said, “Are you really going to wish me only?”

Catherine took out two tickets from her handbag. “These are the tickets to Alice’s live concert for her piano tour. I heard that Mr. Albert will also be performing. These tickets were not easy to get a hold of, but I know you like listening to piano concerts. So, I asked my father to buy them from his friend in business…” “Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Winters loved to go to art exhibitions and listened to piano concerts on weekdays. She would not miss any piano concerts, let alone Alice’s or Albert’s performances. She immediately called his driver and asked him to take them to the concert.