Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 307

Chapter 307

“Is Harold Winters here?” The rider asked loudly as he stood outside the mansion, holding the thermos lunch box. Harold hurriedly ran over. “That’s me. What’s the matter?”

“Here’s your delivery. Please sign here.”

The rider handed the box to him and left the wind


Harold brought the box into the mansion and opened the boxes. He took in the familiar scent. Tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably. “Oh, Young Master Alden. Why are you crying?” Colin gave Harold a piece of paper. “These are Ms. Daugherty’s food, aren’t they? She cooked buffalo wings, frittata, and salsa salad. These are all your favorite food. Don’t cry. Let’s eat them while they are warm…” Harold said as he sobbed, “Is Auntie Adina really not coming? Why? I miss her? I miss Melody … Boohoo, Mr. Brown, what did I do wrong? Why doesn’t Auntie Adina want me anymore..?” Colin had no idea how to comfort Alden.

There was no way he could give him an explanation. Just as he was trying to think of something, he saw a black car entering the courtyard. Duke had returned home. “Young Master Alden, Mr. Winters is back! Cheer up!” Harold raised his teary gaze and saw Duke and George getting out of the car together. He saw George holding a box. It was a pink box that girls usually loved playing with.

‘George bought toys for Melody, but she won’t come to our house anymore…? George entered with the box. He frowned and asked, “Why are you crying?” Whenever Harold cried, he would have a bad feeling. It must be the twin telepathy phenomenon that they shared.

“George, Auntie Adina and Melody won’t be coming to our house anymore!” Harold hugged him and cried, “Daddy must have angered her, and she doesn’t want to come here anymore…”

George lowered his gaze and looked at Duke, who entered the mansion with him.

Duke looked indifferent. He frowned and exhaled.

He truly had not expected Adina to stop coming

He said plainly, “Stop crying, I’ll give her a call.” Harold instantly stopped crying. His teary eyes widened, and he sniffled. “Daddy, apologize to Auntie Adina. She’ll forgive you.” Duke was speechless,

‘Why do I need to apologize? What did I do wrong?

‘Sure, I was wrong five years ago, but I don’t need to apologize to her.

‘Not like she’s someone special to me…’

After a few seconds, it got through.

“Hi, Mr. Winters. What’s the matter?” Adina’s voice sounded cold on the other end of the call. For a moment, Duke was not sure what to say.

After a while, he then said, “Harold told me to call you. He asked me to thank you for the food. They are delicious. Thanks.”

Harold was at a loss for words.

‘I still haven’t started eating. When did I say it’s tasty?’

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you all liked them. I’m currently occupied with something, so bye


Duke was about to speak, but before he could say anything, she had ended the call Harold looked at him. “Daddy, why didn’t you say sorry to Auntie Adina? Call her back!”