Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 303

Chapter 303

Harold was sitting on the floor. His eyes shone brightly. Adina’s figure was reflected in his eyes. He was thoroughly convinced that Auntie Adina would pick him up. Adina could not help but take a step back as she looked at him.

She did not understand why, but at that moment, the faces of her children who died as babies came to her mind.

Those two children who died just after they were born had turned into the nightmare that constantly haunted her. Their deaths were the source of all her pain. How could Dew’s sons be alive and well while her sons rotted in the ground? How could Dew’s sons become the most honored young masters of the Winters family, while her sons could not even look at this wonderful world?

And what about her?

What was she doing?

She actually cooked for Dew’s sons and treated them as if they were her own!

How could she face her dead children?

Her two sons would not have died as babies if it had not been for Dew.

Adina’s eyes were suddenly red and watery.

“Auntie Adina, what’s wrong?” Harold got up from the ground hastily. He grabbed Adina’s hand and shook it gently. When Adina opened her eyes again, there was clarity in her eyes.

She shook off Harold’s hand and said apathetically, “Harold Winters, I may not be able to come and cook for you anymore.”

Harold was stunned for a moment. “Why?”

“I’ve got too much on my plate at work. From now on, I’ll have someone deliver the meal over after I make it.” There was an indifferent look on Adina’s face. “Al, Mel, come on. We’re going home.”

Alden glanced around the several people present. He keenly felt that something was wrong, but he did not ask any questions. He took his sister’s hand and walked obediently to Adina’s side.

Melody was holding a pink bunny doll. It was a gift that Harold had just given her. She fiddled with the doll in her hand and obediently followed her brother to the car. The car disappeared in front of the Winters family villa.


Harold cried out loud.

He glared at Duke with red eyes and roared, “This is all your fault! Daddy, you must have made Auntie Adina mad, that’s why she suddenly left!”

“Auntie Adina called me Harold Winters instead of Harold! Auntie Adina must be mad at me! What have I done wrong? I didn’t bully Mel. I didn’t fight with Alden. I did nothing wrong. Why doesn’t Auntie Adina want to talk to me anymore?”

Harold was bawling. He sobbed convulsively and was almost going to pass out.

“Oh, Young Master, please stop crying.” Mr. Brown felt so bad for him. “Maybe something came up. That’s why Ms. Adina had to leave. She will come again tomorrow. Stop crying. There, there.”

“She won’t come. She won’t come anymore. Auntie Adina said she would have someone deliver the food tomorrow. She won’t come anymore.” Harold buried his face in Mr. Brown’s arms and bawled. “Mr. Brown, why does Auntie Adina suddenly not like me anymore? Why?”

Mr. Brown seemed confused, too. He had only been out of the kitchen with the other chefs for less than ten minutes when he noticed Ms. Adina walk out with a cold expression on her face.

Before he could figure out what had happened, Ms. Daugherty had left with Young Master Alden and Young Lady Melody. It all happened too fast.

Mr. Brown stole a glance at Duke.