Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 300

Chapter 300

There were two children on the painting, a little girl in a pink dress and a boy in a denim suit. As soon as she saw the painting, Adina knew that the ones on the painting were Melody and Harold.

This is a gift that Melody is going to give to Harold.”

Alden explained indifferently beside her.

He looked calm, but his mind was in turmoil.

He and Melody grew up together. Melody had never given him a gift. He could not believe that Harold was going to receive a painting drawn by his sister.

There was a conflicted look on Adina’s face.

If she had known that Harold was Dew’s son, she would never have let Melody and Harold get so close.

However, the kids have already accepted each other. If she ruined their friendship, she would definitely break Melody’s heart.

“Harold will be so happy to receive your gift,” Adina said slowly.

She started the engine and headed for the Winters family villa.

Regardless of the feud between their parents, the children were innocent.

Harold was so fond of her, so fond of Melody. She could not push away a child just because of Dew.

The car moved slowly on the road. Not long after, it stopped at the entrance of the Winters family villa. Harold ran out of the villa like a happy little bird.

“Auntie Adina, I miss you so much! Wow! Mel, is that me in this painting? Did you paint it yourself? Wow! I love it so much! I am so happy! I can’t believe I got a gift made by you!”

Harold rejoiced as he held the painting up. The little girl looked at him quietly with a faint smile in her eyes. The little autistic girl who was dull, taciturn, and emotionless finally slowly opened her tightly closed heart.

Alden took his sister’s hand and walked into the villa.

Harold came running after them. “Mel, I’ve got a present for you too. Come upstairs with me!”

Melody obediently followed him upstairs.

Alden somehow felt a little jealous.

He pursed his lips and went after them.

Adina changed her shoes and went into the kitchen to make dinner.

She had been in a relaxed and happy mood when she cooked two days ago, Her mood today. however, was extraordinarily low.

She was surrounded by a faint, glum aura.

“Ms. Daugherty, this is the ravioli that Young Master Harold specifically sent me to get. He said it’s your favorite. I will bring it to the table later.” Mr. Brown walked into the kitchen and took out the raviolis from the refrigerator to show Adina. “Young Master Harold has always been carefree, but he is especially attentive when it comes to you and Ms. Melody.”

Adina’s hands, which were washing the vegetables, paused for a second. “Mr. Brown, could I ask you a question?”

Mr. Brown nodded with a smile. “You can ask me anything you want, Ms. Adina. There’s nothing I don’t know about Young Master Harold.”

He thought Adina was going to ask him about Harold’s dietary preferences.

“May I know why Harold hates Dew so much?” Adina lowered her eyes as she asked. “I’ve heard Harold call Dew a bad witch several times and forbade her from ever setting foot in the Winters’ house again. Why exactly does he hate her?” “About that… That…”

Mr. Brown scratched his chin.

He also wanted to know why Young Master Harold loathed Dew so much, but he had never told him the reason.