Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 297

Chapter 297

It was nighttime, and the sky was pitch dark

Everyone was happy with their dinner:

Adina held her two children’s hands and walked towards the door. “Al, Mel, say bye-bye to Papa Brown and Uncle Duke.”

Alden obediently said, “Bye-bye, Papa Brown. Bye-bye, Uncle Duke. Bye-bye, Harold.”

Mel pursed her lips and waved her hand.

“Auntie Adina, come earlier tomorrow evening. We can play before having our dinner!” Harold’s eyes lit up. “Melody, I’ll buy a new puzzle tomorrow. Let’s fix the puzzle together!”

The little girl looked at him for a moment before nodding lightly. Duke said plainly, “Let me send you home.” “It’s alright, Mr. Winters.” Adina shook her head. “I drove here. I can go back on my own.

After she was done speaking, she then walked out of the mansion with her children. When she reached her car, she opened the door for Melody…

As she was putting on the children’s seatbelts, she could feel an intense gaze fixed on her.

Ever since they finished dinner, Duke had been staring at her strangely. There was a hint of a certain emotion that she could not understand in those dark pupils of his. Adina got into the car quickly, started the engine, and drove away. The Winters family’s mansion was halfway up the mountain, via a two-lane winding road. It was a secluded area for the wealthy, and not many cars drove on the road.

She drove down the mountain, and when she was at the foot of the mountain, she saw a familiar figure standing on the side of the road…

She slowed down and narrowed her eyes, looking closely at the child’s face.

“It’s that child!

That child saved her once, schemed against her once, and claimed to be Dew’s son!

Adina stopped her car.

She then turned to the back of the car, “Hal, look after Mel. I’ll be right back.”

Harold saw George too. He turned and looked at the little girl beside him. Fortunately, she appeared to be drowsy and her eyes were closed. She did not notice the person outside.

Even though he listened to Duke’s words, he still wanted to avoid Melody from getting into contact with the two Winter family’s children.

George stood on the side of the road as the cold autumn wind brushed against his cheeks. He was a little cold, so put his hands in his pockets, displaying a stern expression. “Did something happen?” He heard a clear, cold voice behind him.

He instantly looked back. His despairing gaze produced a hint of hope when he saw Adina.

In an instant, the light in his eyes faded away. He then said plainly, “My car broke down. The driver is fixing it.” Ever since she had children of her own, Adina became more forgiving to school-aged children. ‘Even though this child schemed against me, even though he’s Dew’s son, I can’t just let him stand at the roadside and do nothing about it.’ She said plainly, “Where do you want to go? I’ll drop you off.” “It’s fine.” George hid his hands in his pocket, looking like a tiny iceberg. Even if Adina could tolerate children, she would not want to be overly friendly when George gave him a cold shoulder. She said, “Take care, then.” She took a glance at him before she turned to go to her car.’ All of a sudden, a loud honk of a motorcycle was heard not far away from them. Very few vehicles drove up the winding road. Not a car would be in sight for at least half an hour, especially in the middle of the night. Thus, it had become a place with many rich second-generation racing cars. Racing competitions often happened in that area. At that moment, a motorcycle with blinding headlights was approaching swiftly from afar. The road intersection was mostly occupied by George’s car. The pair stood by the roadside as the motorcycle tried to pass through the narrow gap. It was coming in at full speed, and the motorcyclist did not seem to intend to slow down. Adina pulled George into her embrace. The two of them rolled from the road to the grass on the side.