Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 296

Chapter 296

The soft fragrance of Adina drifted away and left him. All of sudden, Duke felt lost, and his arms felt empty.

He raised his hand and said, “And the hand, too.”

He stretched out his right hand. Adina lowered her gaze. “Mr. Winters, you should apply the ointment yourself. I have to prepare for dinner…”

She turned, looking flustered, picked up a knife and started randomly chopping the vegetables.

When Duke saw her expression, the corner of his lips lifted, and he let out a chuckle.

‘It turns out that beneath her aloof and withdrawn personality is a mature and unapproachable soul.

“This is my first time seeing this type of woman. She’s so flustered and at a loss…’

Adina heard his chuckle.

‘The noise of the cooker hood is blaring, and I’m chopping the vegetables loudly. Why can I still hear his soft chuckle?’

  • Adina was annoyed by her gaffe.

She suppressed the inexplicable emotions in her heart and said calmly, “Mr. Winters, thanks for introducing me to Mr. Watson. He’s really amazing.”

She changed the topic and finally calmed down, shaking off her fluster.

“I’ve seen Mr. Watson on the TV show before. He was amazing on that show. I always thought it was only good camerawork and directing, but after chatting with Mr. Watson face to face, I found out that the TV did him injustice…”

Duke slowly burrowed his eyebrows.

‘How am I supposed to be okay with a woman complimenting another man in front of me?!’

He said coldly, “Heh, Brenden is only good at talking. He’s just average in other aspects.”

It was obvious that he was low-key mocking Brenden.

Adina took a glance at him, “Isn’t Mr. Watson used to be your classmate? Why do I have a feeling that you’re not really fond of him?”

“Back when we were studying abroad, he shamelessly lived in my house for two years. I just couldn’t get rid of him,” Duke said coldly as he pursed his lips. It was not in his nature to badmouth others in their absence, but when Adina was giving Brendan such high praise, he just could not help it. He knew that he was being childish, but he could not seem to control himself. Adina had seen news about Brenden. She said as she chopped the vegetables, “Mr. Watson sure

knows how to adapt to situations. That’s how he got himself a place to stay. No wonder he became so successful after he graduated.”

Duke was speechless.

‘Is she praising me for letting Brenden stay in my house for two years? ‘What great man yields what?’ “Mr. Winters, excuse me. I’m going to stir-fry the vegetables. Step aside if you don’t want to get scalded by hot oil.”

Adina said, ordering him to get out of the kitchen. Duke pursed his thin lips, and took a step back.

The moment the oil hit the pan, a sizzling sound was heard. Duke instinctively wanted to stand in front of Adina.

However, he saw her continue to put the onion, ginger, and garlic in the pan to sauté them until they were fragrant. The oil splashed all over the place, but she was able to avoid them perfectly…

Duke watched as Adina cooked. In just an hour, six different dishes were served.

Her hair still looked neat, looking just as how she entered the kitchen.

“Alright, let’s eat.” Adina took off her apron and smiled. “I’ve made some buffalo wings. Hal will definitely love it.”

Duke approached her and helped her to serve the six dishes and a soup. The children sat at the table obediently. “Wow, Auntie Adina is amazing!” Harold squealed with delight. “I’ll eat three rounds of food today!” ‘Whenever Auntie Adina comes over and cooks dinner for us, I sure am the happiest kid in the world!