Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 295

Chapter 295

Duke pushed the kitchen door open.

The chefs stopped their work and put down the items in their hands.

“Hi, sir.”

“You all may head out.” He spoke coldly from the kitchen. The chefs looked at each other. They sensibly got out of the kitchen, even closing the door behind them.

Adina did not realize the chefs had left because the cooker hood above her head was noisily vacuuming the steam in. She was cutting the vegetables as she asked, “Chef Zinner, I’m going to cut the onions next. Should I cut them diagonally or…” As she spoke, a handful of scallions appeared beside her. The hand that gave her the scallion was veiny and slender. Adina instantly looked up and was stunned, “Mr. Winters, why are you here?”

Duke said plainly, “I’m here to learn to cook from you.”

: “Why would you learn to cook?” Adina said as she cut the scallion, “The Winters family has

plenty of chefs. I don’t think you’ll have the chance to cook.”

“Last night, I cooked noodles for Melody because she was hungry. Your son laughed at me.” Duke pouted. He then said, almost self-mockingly, “Even though it was my first time cooking noodles, Melody said it was good and finished it. This means that I am pretty talented in cooking.”

Adina was stunned.

‘Did he really cook noodles? ‘I can’t imagine it.

She slowly turned and looked at him. There was a small scar on his chin.

There was also an oil splash on the back of his hand.

She had noticed it last night, but she did not think much about it. ‘It looked like he got hurt when he was cooking for Melody.’ She pursed her lips and said, “Did you tend your wounds yet?” “Do I need to?” Duke looked like he could not care less about the wounds. “I’ll heal in a few days.”

“It will leave a scar if you don’t apply ointment on it.” ‘He’s handsome. It’ll be a shame if there’s a scar on his beautiful face.

Adina cleaned her hand and asked, “Where’s the ointment?”

Duke turned and opened the top cabinet, “I remember Mr. Brown saying that the kitchen is always stocked with medicine for scald wounds.”

He took out a small box and, sure enough, there were all kinds of medicine, including disinfectant and band-aids. It was a complete first aid kit.

Adina found the ointment for scald wounds. She unscrewed the cap and put some of it on her fingertips. She raised her head and said, “Mr. Winters, stoop down a little, so I can apply the ointment for you.” Duke bended his knees obediently. Adina leaned over.

Her fingertips were a little cold. She gently rubbed the cool ointment on his chin. She was very focused on her task. Duke could see his own reflection through her dark pupils. It was as if he had entirely conquered her world. Adina did not feel awkward tending his wound because she had done it before to her two children.

However, when Duke’s intense gaze fixed on her, she suddenly felt that tending his wound was somehow flirtatious.

The two of them were less than an inch away, and she could hear him breathing clearly.

She could feel his warm breath on her face. Her heart started racing, and it was loud.

She hurriedly stepped back.