Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 293

Chapter 293

“Adina, how could you just lie through your teeth? Do you think the netizen will truly believe

your lies?”

Dew gritted her teeth as she spoke.

A single press conference ruined the scheme that I’ve carefully plotted.

‘What’s more, how dare this b*tch take this opportunity to win herself countless more business opportunities!

Serene was so furious that her gaze could set things on fire.

At that moment, she heard a familiar voice at the other end of the call.

“What drug did you give Adina back then?”

“The one that makes her obedient.”

Dew paused suddenly.

A moment later, she said in disbelief, “Adina, are you scheming against me?” “Well, let’s be clear. Who’s scheming against who?” Adina smiled casually, “You violated my privacy, hired a bunch of paparazzis to make up crazy stories about me, and displayed my private affairs as Sea City’s news headlines. Do you really think you can stay out of it just because you’re not in Sea City?”. Dew took in a sharp breath. “What did I do wrong? I’m just exposing the truth.” “What is said in this recording is also the truth.” Adina said plainly, “What happened five years ago made me look like the biggest clown in Sea City, and it has ruined my life. To this day, people still bring up the incident as a point of attack. If I expose this recording, what will the netizen who attacked me think?”

Dew shuddered.

‘When this recording is exposed, those who attacked Adina will turn and criticize me instead. ‘By then, I’ll be criticized by the netizens. They’ll call me vicious, insidious, cunning, and many more…

I’ll be denounced and judged harshly by everyone! ‘No, that must not happen! “Adina Daugherty, no one is going to believe this recording!” Dew shook her head. “The netizens won’t be so easily fooled.”

“Well, of course, I won’t expose this recording. It won’t do me any good, either,” Adina said softly. Dew heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

Immediately afterward, Adina changed her tone, “I’ll submit it to the court. I’ll leave the

police to investigate what happened five years ago; from the spiking of drinks and the premeditated raping. Dew, be prepared to face trial in court.” Once again, Dew trembled and said in a quivering voice, “You… What do you want?” Adina laughed coldly. She had consulted Brenden. This recording was not enough to convict Dew.

So, what?!

‘As long as it can deter Dew, it is enough.’ “From today onwards, if you were to play your trivial games with my children, I will hand this recording to the court.” Adina snorted, “Tyson is the father of my children, and he’ll agree to testify for me in court. Dew, if you don’t want to end up in jail, you’d better behave and not mess with me again.” She ended the call after she was done talking. Dew was so angry that she almost smashed her phone. She did not doubt what Adina said. Tyson had truly recorded their conversation and sent it to


Suffice it to say that Adina and Tyson had already reached some kind of cooperation.

‘If Tyson were to testify in court, then my mother and I would be over…

‘We can get entangled in negative news, but we must not go to prison. If we do, there’s no turning back for us anymore…

In just half a day, the news on the Internet had quietly dissipated. Tyson was in his hotel suite, letting out a sigh of relief.