Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 292

Chapter 292

All the reporters knew that whatever they asked, they would not get anything from Adina…

Moreover, she would only continue taking the opportunity to promote her product.

Meanwhile, at Winters Cooperation, Duke watched Adina smiling through the tablet in front of him.

‘I truly didn’t expect this woman to turn things around even when things were looking so hopeless on her end…

‘A press conference had been the best way to solve this matter. But it’s not without its risks, too.

‘If Tyson were to step up and deny the matter, this press conference would turn out as a joke.

‘I must think of something to help Adina.’ While he was lost in his thoughts, Jake came in. “Chairman Winters, all the comments against Ms. Daugherty have been removed from the Internet, just as you’ve requested.”

Ms. Clark came in to report to Duke as well. “Chairman Winters, the officials from the Osborne Corporation have issued a legal notice. It said that they would take legal action against those responsible for the rumors. All news regarding this matter today will end today. The netizens will not bring up the news about children anymore. Instead, they will pay more attention to LaStar Technology’s latest product…” Duke nodded with a frown. ‘It seems that Adina has talked to Tyson before holding the press conference. ‘By denying the children were Tyson’s, the Osborne family won’t have any more reason to pester Adina.

When he thought of that, his mood suddenly improved. “Chairman Winters, here are the tickets for the piano concert that you’ve booked earlier.” Ms. Clark handed over several golden tickets to Duke. The concert will be held this Saturday afternoon.”

Duke took the tickets from here.

‘I’ve specially booked the tickets for Melody. She loves me. She most probably won’t mind attending the concert with me…!

The press conference ended in an unexpected fashion. Serene said excitedly, “Chairwoman Daugherty, in just ten minutes, we received calls from seven companies…” Adina nodded lightly. “More customers will come and collaborate with us. If we don’t have enough staff, you’ll be in-charge of recruiting some more staff.” “Of course!”

Serene was extremely excited.

‘LaStar Technology Corporation is a newly established start-up company. When I first worked here, there were only three to four staff members. In fact, she was always so anxious, fearing that the company might not last for the next few months. “I truly did not expect that the demands for the new product would skyrocket the moment it was out! ‘If this momentum continues, eventually, LaStar Technology Corporation will be extremely successful in Sea City…’

Adina entered her office and closed the door behind her. She then took out a phone to make a call. As soon as the call was picked up, there was a moment of static.