Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 291

Chapter 291

Adina’s gaze shifted to the reporter who was speaking.

“Are you telling me that the netizens are not easily humored and insist on giving my children a father?” She said coldly, “So, I’m hurting their feelings, just because I’m denying that Tyson Osborne is the father of my children? How does that make sense?”

She raised her arms and pointed a slender finger at the offending reporter. “Have you heard my children calling Tyson their father?!.

“Have you seen the paternity test report in person? “How about you? Have you seen me ruining Tyson and his wife’s relationship? Have you seen me planning to be Mrs. Osborne anytime soon? “And you, how dare you prematurely deduce my relationship with Tyson from a single photo? Is it really okay for Orange Newspaper to do such lackluster research when writing their frontpage news?” The group of reporters was literally speechless when she asked them these questions. They were overwhelmed, not just because of her sharp words, but also because of her poise. “Again, I don’t have any relationship with Tyson Osborne. Even if we do, we’re just potential business partners,” Adina said plainly. “In that photo, Tyson was asking me for a collaboration. I didn’t agree on the spot, so Tyson was attempting to persuade me. I didn’t expect this to turn out to be such a big misunderstanding.”

Finally, a reporter came back to his senses and, feeling unconvinced, asked, “The Osborne Cooperation is one of the top big companies in Central City. Mr. Osborne came to Sea City this time to invest in the industry. Many companies don’t even have the chance to cooperate with Osborne Cooperation. How could Mr. Osborne seek cooperation with you multiple times? As far as I know, Ms. Daugherty, the LaStar Technology Corporation has only been established for a little over a month. Your company is barely even ready to take its first steps, so the Osborne Cooperation is unlikely to choose to collaborate with your company…”

“My company may be small, but the chips produced in my company are unmatched.” Adina gently clapped her hands. The two employees standing behind her immediately stepped forward, holding a computer in their hands, and the computer screen showed a virtual interior design of her company. Adina stood up and tapped a few keys on the keyboard as she introduced her company’s product candidly, “This is the first chip that my company has launched. It was built on a software based on the current status of some machinery factories. According to what I know, many factories specially hire several workers to take turns working at the boiler. The boiler needs to reach high temperatures to produce the chips, and there are also various reactors around it. It is very harmful to the human body. What’s more, the workers will be tired from this tedious chore…”

The crowd listened to her explanation in silence.

This was a live press conference. The netizens who were watching the broadcast were stunned.

What the heck? This is a press conference! Why did it become a product promotion and marketing site?)

IAdina is so good at doing business! Despite being plagued by gossip and denounced by the netizens, she still used the opportunity to promote her company! With such a skill, her small company will definitely be successful in no time!) (Stay focused. The chip that she is presenting is the real deal, and no such software like this has been sold in the market before. My company needs this.] (@Lol69, come back to your senses. You don’t even have a company!]

[…] Adina explained her company’s first product clearly in ten minutes. She raised her head and smiled at the camera. “If you have any doubts, you can give our marketing department a call. Our number is printed on the exhibition board. Immediately afterward, she shifted her gaze to the reporters. “If you have nothing else to ask, I’ll excuse myself first.”


The reporter at the front finally came back to his senses.

He was so frustrated that he felt like slapping himself. ‘I thought I could get Adina’s exclusive news. I didn’t expect her to use this chance to promote her product…’ “Ms. Daugherty, if you deny Tyson Osborne to be the father of your children, who is the father, then?” Adina took a glance at him and chuckled lightly. “Our country’s law stipulates that citizens have the right to privacy. I don’t need to tell you anything.” After she was done talking, she did not leave right away. She stood there, smiling, as if waiting for the reporter to continue asking her questions.