Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 290

Chapter 290

“Where’s the advertising display board that was made two days ago? Grab it and come downstairs with me,” Adina indifferently gave her instructions, “Ask someone to move a table downstairs.” Serene was shocked. “Miss Daugherty, what do you want to do?” “When we usually call for a press conference, these big and prestigious media won’t come over. Now they have taken the initiative to come to us. Would it not be a shame if we don’t use this opportunity?” Adina smiled faintly before she calmly walked into the elevator.

Serene finally sighed in relief. LaStar Technology Corporátion was not a listed company, and the negative public opinion would not affect the company much, but being surrounded by such news still brought attention.

When there were so many reporters downstairs, it annoyed her whenever she glanced at them.

She was initially worried that Miss Daugherty would be troubled because of this. Unexpectedly, Miss Daugherty was able to see the opportunity from this. No wonder Miss Daugherty had been able to establish a company at such a young age. Her temperament and courage could not be compared to normal people. Adina and Serene entered the elevator together. The two of them waited at the elevator for a while. She entered the reporters’ sight in high heels only after the staff arranged the table and chairs, and they displayed the advertising display stand properly.

A few dozens of reporters rushed toward her in a frenzy.

Adina calmly walked over and stood after the table.

Serene pulled out a chair, and Adina just sat down. She looked calm and aloof. “Please don’t rush, everyone. You can bring up your questions one by one.” She raised her wrist at the time. “It’s just 9 a.m. I have two hours, so I can talk to you slowly.” When she said that, the reporters at the side subconsciously looked at each other at loss. The main male and female characters who were involved with scandals would usually hide as they were afraid of being stopped and asked endless questions by the reporters. But this Miss Daugherty was different. She actually came to them, and she said they could talk for two hours.

Did the most beautiful woman in Sea City really want to use this incident to force Mrs. Osborne to step down so that she could successfully marry into the Osborne family?

The reporters smelled more fishy gossip, so they raised their microphones and headed over. The flashlights also kept lighting up. “Miss Daugherty, someone on the internet reported that you have a pair of twins. May I know if this is real?”

“Miss Daugherty, is the father of your twins really Tyson Osborne, the chairman of Osborne Corporation?” “Miss Daugherty, have Mrs. Osborne contacted you? Do you plan to let the kids go back to the Osborne family?”

“Miss Daugherty…”

Questions after questions were raised to her like snowflakes.

Adina calmly picked up a microphone and indifferently said, “I said we could do this slowly. Why are you in such a hurry?” When she cast a cold glance over, the chill in her eyes shone brightly. Those talkative reporters instantly kept their mouths shut. They dared not say anything again. “I do have two kids, and I have to admit this.” Adina’s voice was heard calmly. “But their father is not Tyson Osborne.”

“Miss Daugherty, you’re lying! Someone on the internet exposed the document about you filing a lawsuit with Mr. Osborne. You’re competing for the kids’ custody!”

“That’s right! A netizen also provided some photos of you arguing with Mr. Osborne in front of the preschool. You can’t deny it with just a few words!” “Miss Daugherty, the netizens can’t be fooled so easily.”