Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 288

Chapter 288

Adina washed up while she thought about a solution. After she washed up, she sat on the balcony, drank a cup of coffee, and made a call.

The call rang for a while before someone picked up.

“Good morning, Mr. Osborne.”

The person on the other end of the call instantly became angry when he heard her voice.“ Adina Daugherty! It’s you! You exposed this, didn’t you? You’re so cruel! You even exposed the kids just to take revenge on me. You’re not qualified to be their mother!” Adina’s expression darkened. “Mr. Osborne, why do you think I exposed this?” “Who else would it be?” Every word of Tyson was filled with rage. Since this was exposed by the media at 3 a.m., the stock price of Osborne Corporation had dropped three points. In other words, his company lost five hundred million dollars in just three hours! His company was surrounded by reporters now, and Central City was slipping out of his control.

He was in Sea City now, so he could not help it. He just looked on helplessly as things took a turn for the worst. “The Osborne family still has a foothold in Central City. After the kids are exposed, your father will definitely request the kids to go back. At that time, the whole Osborne family will put pressure on me, and it’ll be very troublesome for me. I have no reason to expose this and cause trouble to myself.” Adina drank some coffee and indifferently said, “Since you’re the kids’ father, I can help you ease the public opinion online.”

Tyson became silent.

An hour later, his father called him. He wanted Tyson to bring the kids back to the family, no matter what method he would use. While the stock price of the company had plummeted, his father still prioritized the kids. But if he really brought the kids back, Osborne Corporation would be doomed. Rich people cheating and having illegitimate children was basically commonplace. The key was that over the past few years, he had been establishing his reputation of being a good father and husband in front of the media. Because of this, the company had a good social image and was supported by the government. Now his reputation was ruined, and he was involved with the scandals, so there would certainly be at least ten times the backlash.

Osborne Corporation was established by him, and it could not be destroyed in this way.

They could discuss the kids in detail again.

Most importantly, he had to suppress the online news now.

Tyson asked, “How are you going to help me?” “Mr. Osborne, you’re the kids’ father, so I can help you, but…” Adina chuckled and said, “If you don’t show your sincerity, I won’t want to help you. Regardless, if Osborne Corporation falls, it’ll be very beneficial for me.” Tyson’s gaze turned dark. “Just say what you want.” “I want evidence that Dew set me up five years ago.” Adina’s expression was cold. “If you show me the evidence, I’ll immediately hold a press conference and clarify about the kids.”

Tyson clenched his fist. “You know it yourself that it was five years ago. What evidence would I still have?”

Besides, he had cheated on his wife. That evidence had been deleted for a long time. It was impossible for him to keep those for five years.

“I don’t care about this. If you don’t give me the evidence, I’ll just watch it from the sidelines.” Adina smiled faintly and said, “I’m also planning to join the entertainment industry. The more sensational the news becomes, the more popular I will become. A scandal would also boost my popularity. It’ll wash off over the course of my career. But Mr. Osborne, if your company falls, it’ll be very hard for you to rise again.” After Adina said that, she immediately hung up on him. She got changed into a new outfit before she went to wake the kids up. A new day had begun.