Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 285

Chapter 285

Melody and Alden had closed their eyes and fell asleep on the sofa in the living room under the yellowish dim light,

Melody slept in Duke’s arms, while Alden slept alone on the sofa across from them.

Duke carefully held Melody while he bent over to put on a thin blanket for Alden.

It was like a picturesque still life painting.

If Adina did not know any better, she would have nearly thought that they were a family of three.

When Duke heard the footsteps, he turned around, sighed in relief, and said, “You’re finally back.”

If she took any longer to return, he really did not know how he should take care of these kids who had fallen asleep.

He was a father of two, but he had never taken care of George and Harold in person like this over the past four years.

“Thank you, Mr. Winters.”

Adina thanked him softly.

Her intention was to let Mr. Brown take care of the kids. After all, Mr. Brown had the experience in taking care of the children.

Unexpectedly, the person who looked after Melody and Alden until the end was Duke.

This man was noble, and he did not allow himself to be questioned. But he still took care of her kids. This was really puzzling. Adina gently walked over, bowed, and lifted Melody from the sofa. The moment she bowed, her collar fell downward, and her exposed chest was accidentally seen by Duke.

Shock struck him like a freight train before embarrassment tore his gaze away.

Holy crap! He had just caught a glimpse, and he actually… had a desire.

Adina did not notice that Duke had lost his cool. She just carried Melody and walked upstairs.

Perhaps she walked too quickly, or perhaps she forgot to change her shoes. When she walked on the stairs in her high heels, she staggered slightly.

When she took two steps on the staircase, her high heels tilted, and she fell backward.

She held Melody tightly by reflex while she closed her eyes and waited for her back to hit the ground.

Unexpectedly, she did not feel pain. Instead, she fell into a man’s warm and broad arms, which

made her feel very safe.

Adina opened her eyes, and she stared at Duke’s black eyes.

Under the dim light, the man’s black eyes shone brightly like… the aurora light that could only be found in the distant polar region.

It flashed in an instant before it disappeared.

But it was hard to unsee it.

“Thank you… Mr. Winters.” Adina quickly held onto the railing and stood up straight. Her voice became hoarse for some reason.

“Go and change your shoes. I’ll carry Mel upstairs.”

Duke grabbed the little girl and held her with his arms without any explanation before he quickly walked upstairs.

When Adina saw his figure disappear from the stair, her emotions fluctuated for a fair bit.

She pursed her lips and suppressed those strange emotions. She went to the entrance hall and got changed into a pair of slippers. Then, she turned around, went to the sofa, and lifted Alden. Alden opened his eyes slightly. When he saw Adina, he closed his eyes and fell asleep at ease again.

Adina carried him upstairs and put him on the bed in his bedroom. Then, she suddenly saw the laptop that was on the study desk.

This laptop had been assembled by Alden when he was three. Adina kept it away and did not allow him to use it again. Unexpectedly, this boy secretly took it out and used it again.

She walked to the study desk. When she was about to turn on the laptop, she suddenly heard the slight sound of someone going down the stairs outside.