Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 284

Chapter 284

This pasta did not taste so bad that it was impossible to swallow, but it was really not tasty. How could Melody finish half of the bowl at once?

But this was Duke’s first time, and they had cooked it in cooperation. Alden should at least give Duke some credit where its due.

Therefore, Alden started eating with small bites. When Duke watched the kids lower their heads and ate the pasta, he instantly felt a great sense of accomplishment. So this was how it felt when you saw other people eating the food you prepared. He lowered his head and took a bite before his expression instantly froze.

This taste… was not even one-tenth the standard prepared by the chef in the Winters family.

How could these two kids eat it without changing their expressions? He pursed his lips and asked, “Mel, Alden, what do you think about the pasta?” Melody showed an extremely cheerful smile.

Alden indifferently said, “This is great for someone who cooked for the first time. Thank you, Uncle Duke.”

Duke’s heart melted again.

He smiled faintly before he lowered his head and finished eating the pasta that did not taste very good.

After eating the pasta, he took the three empty plates to the kitchen for clean-up and disinfection.

Meanwhile, Alden took Melody upstairs to take a shower in the bathroom.

By the time Duke finished doing dishes, he saw an exquisite porcelain doll sitting on the sofa in the living room, and Alden was drying her hair.

“Let me do it.”

Duke walked over, and his move was very gentle as he wiped dry Melody’s hair. She leaned on the sofa, and she looked up from time to time. She just kept staring at Duke.

Alden sat on the sofa that was across from them. There was a book on his knees.

This was a book of fairy tales. He flipped a few pages while he casually said, “Mel, we finished’ Snow White’ yesterday. What story do you want to listen to today?”

Melody reached out to take the storybook.

She flipped to another page and stuffed the storybook into Duke’s hands.

Duke was surprised as he said, “Do you want me to read you a story?”


Melody nodded strongly, and she even uttered in affirmation.

Duke took up the storybook. It was a famous Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which was Cinderella. He sat down on the sofa, and he moved his gorgeous lips. His voice was heard in the living room like a cello. “Once upon a time, there was a kind girl. Her name is Cinderella…” Melody loved listening to stories. She initially sat upright on the sofa. When she listened to the story, she could not help but lay down. She put her head on Duke’s lap, raised her chin, and stared into Duke’s face. Her eyes shone very brightly like fireworks, Meanwhile, Alden sat on the sofa across from them. He also subconsciously entered the story created by Duke.

He did not like to listen to stories, much less fancy fairy tales. But at that moment, he could not help but enter the world of fairy tales along with Cinderella. “Cinderella wore a pair of glittering crystal shoes to the prince’s ball. She was the most beautiful girl at the banquet. The prince invited her to dance, and she and the prince danced on the dance floor…”

Duke’s voice seemed to be magic. He made Melody slowly close her eyes. She leaned her head on his lap, and she soon slept very soundly. The corners of her lips also curved up, as if she was having a sweet dream. Duke gently put down the storybook. When he looked up, he saw that Alden had taken a seat across them and had also fallen asleep.

This boy had erected a castle of walls around himself. Whenever Alden met him, he was always very defensive. He did not expect that Alden would fall asleep in this situation.

Could this mean Alden already accepted him into their world?

When Adina arrived back home, she stood in front of the door, and she saw a warm scenario

like this.