Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 283

Chapter 283 

Duke held a container that contained salt. He scooped some salt out and poured it into the pan. As if he felt that it was not enough, he added a little again, before he added a little more again.

He put down the salt before he picked up some soy sauce again. After he smelled it, he kept adding soy sauce to the pan. “Uncle Duke, what are you doing?”

Alden quickly walked inside.

Duke looked very calm. “I’m cooking pasta for you and Mel. What’s wrong?”

“You added three spoonfuls of salt. That’s a lot of salt. You can’t put soy sauce on top of that. It’ll be very salty.” Alden frowned and said, “Soy sauce is way too salty.”

Alden then took a spoon and tasted the flavor. In the next second, he spat it out. His expression turned bitter, and he said, “It’s really salty.” Duke’s expression did not change. “I’ll do it again.” Alden looked up and stared at Duke. “Uncle Duke, do you really know how to cook pasta?” “I’ve watched the videos online. There should be no problem.”

He mastered everything as soon as he picked it up. Although this was his first time cooking pasta, it should not turn out too badly.

Duke threw the failed product of the pan into the trash bin.

He took out the pasta again and directly threw it into the pan with cold water.

Blue veins popped out of Alden’s forehead.

He took a deep breath and said, “Uncle Duke, your chin and hand are burnt. Please go and apply some medication. I can cook the pasta.”

Duke continued putting the pasta into the pot. “You’re still very young, and it’s not suitable for you to do this. Just go and wait in the living room.”

Alden was speechless.

If he could not cook, he might have been fooled by Duke’s calm expression.

This man was messing things up with the most serious expression ever.

If Alden really waited outside, Melody and he would not be able to eat anything tonight.

“Uncle Duke, let’s do it together.”

After Alden said that, he walked over and took out the pasta from the pan.

He said solemnly, “You can put the pasta only after the water is boiled, or the pasta will be battered, and we can’t eat it.”

Duke became speechless.

Was he taking lessons from a four-year-old brat? Okay, the teaching video seemed to have said that, but he had not taken it seriously. Duke pursed his thin lips, walked over, and indifferently said, “You instruct, I cook.” He got another pot of water before he put it on the gas stove. During the process of boiling the water, Alden instructed him to cut the tomatoes and sausages. He also prepared an egg. By the time he prepared these, the water was already boiling, so he immediately put the pasta into the pot.

This was his first time doing this, so his movements betrayed his ineptness. But no matter how chaotic it was, his expression still looked very calm and aloof.

Ten minutes later, the pasta was finally cooked.

Duke poured out the pasta, and it coincidentally amounted to three servings. He carefully took them to the dining room.

Melody came over after she smelled the aroma. She tied the bib for eating on her own and obediently sat at the dining table. Her eyes shone brightly.

Duke’s heart melted.

He put the pasta in front of Melody before he softly said, “Try and see if the pasta I cooked tastes alright.”

Melody took up a fork and took a bite of the pasta. Her eyes brightened more, and she finished half of the pasta with a few bites. Alden was slightly surprised.

He could tell that this was the first time Duke had cooked in the kitchen. But was it so delicious when he cooked it for the first time? Alden ate a little, and he instantly frowned.