Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Alice was also reputable in the piano world. She was lucky to be part of an ensemble with Albert in the past, so she could talk to Mr. Albert.

As they approached the resting room, a bodyguard blocked their way. “Mr. Albert is busy. Please leave.”

Too many people wanted to meet Mr. Albert. The bodyguard’s expression was cold, and he spoke like a robot.

Dew smiled and said, “This is Ms. Alice. She’s an old friend of Mr. Albert. Can you please go inside and let him know she’s here?” “Mr. Albert told us that he won’t be seeing anyone.” The bodyguard blocked the door to his room like a wall. Alice looked very disappointed. “Mr. Albert must be doing something important. We’ll come again next time.”

Just as they were about to turn around and leave, the door to Mr. Albert’s resting room opened.

An old man with gray hair held his phone and stepped out. As he walked, he said, “Let me show you the international auditorium. Many people won’t be able to perform on this stage in their lifetime. As long as you master this, girl, I’ll bring you to the piano’s birthplace and bring you out to perform.”

While Mr. Albert spoke, he walked toward the auditorium, and a few bodyguards followed him.

Dew looked up, just in time to see Mr. Albert raise his phone. He was on a video call, and she could see a little girl’s face on his screen.

Dew instantly found the girl familiar after she took a hurried glance.

Why did the girl in the video look so familiar?

“So the rumors are true…” Alice muttered. “I’ve heard that Mr. Albert has gotten a new student, and she’s a little girl. It’s true. That girl is going to have a bright future since she’s Mr. Albert’s student.”

Dew was stunned. “Didn’t Mr. Albert stop accepting students a few years ago?” “He did say that, but I guess that he must have found a brilliant kid who’s extremely talented in playing the piano. Hence, he made the exception and took her in.” Alice fell into contemplative silence before she said, “If I have the chance, I’ll ask about the kid’s background. If I can get to know her, maybe I’ll also have a chance to forge a closer friendship with Mr. Albert.”

Dew nodded and did not say anything else. If the girl was someone whom Alice had to put in effort to know, Dew would not stand a chance.

It would already be great if she could achieve half of Alice’s achievements in her life.

The little girl sat in front of the piano and played. A phone was placed on the music desk, where the music sheet was supposed to be, and a wrinkled face was visible on the screen.

“Mel, your piano playing is very melodious. The only flaw is your expression. It’s too stiff.” Mr. Albert guided her remotely. “You’ll need to perform on stage in the future, so that expression is not going to cut it. Come, smile with me. Sigh, don’t ignore me. Curve your lips and show me your eight white teeth. Yes, that’s it!”

The little girl did as Mr. Albert instructed, which was rare. She smiled obediently.

But the smile was forced, so it looked very nondescript. “Forget it. You better not śmile. It’s fine to maintain your cold expression.”

Mr. Albert was fed up.

Duke was sitting on the couch nearby. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the piano.

The more he listened to it, the calmer his heart was. It was as if his soul was being cleansed.

Half an hour later, Mr. Albert’s class finally ended. Melody jumped down from the chair and walked up to Duke. He then held her in his arms.