Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 279

Chapter 279

“Adina has hired Brenden Watson, the most famous attorney in the country. Tyson doesn’t have a chance of winning,” Dew said firmly. “Tyson cares about his reputation very much. Perhaps this lawsuit won’t even be filed…”

Ruby leaned back in her royal chair and sneered. “In that case, why don’t we add some fuel to the fire and force him to file the lawsuit?”

“Mom, like mother like daughter. We’re thinking of the same thing. I previously asked someone to take a few photos. I’ll send them to you right now.” Dew smiled and said, “You can work on it. You better do things neatly. I’m overseas at the moment, so no matter how big the thing gets, George won’t suspect me. Mom, I’m counting on you.” “Don’t worry, Dew.” Ruby tapped on her phone. As she scrolled through the photos, she broke into a victory smile. Right then, it was daytime on the other side of the world, and Dew was at a banquet. After she hung up, she took a glass of wine from a waiter and walked toward the banquet hall. “Ms. Daugherty, you’re stunning today.”

“Ms. Daugherty, you’re still so young, yet you’re accomplished. You’ll become a new star in the country’s piano world.”

The junior pianists in her circle raised their wine glasses, walked over, and greeted Dew.

Dew acted elegantly as she smiled and said, “I’m just a newcomer. How can I compare to talented pianists like you?” “Ms. Daugherty, you were able to become Ms. Alice’s student. That means you’re outstanding. How enviable is that?!” “Ms. Daugherty, I live in Sea City too. After we go back, we can keep in touch. I’d like to seek your advice on the piano.”

Dew naturally nodded and agreed. She then added these people on WhatsApp.

After she finished socializing, Alice walked over. “Dew, come with me. I’ll bring you over there to meet Mr. Albert.”

When the people around them heard that, they were extremely surprised. Mr. Albert was a legend in the piano world. A few decades ago, when Mr. Albert was just twelve years old, he had become the Prince of Piano, shocking Europe.

Over the last sixty years, Mr. Albert had only grown more famous and become a legend whom everyone admired.

Everyone who learned the piano knew his name. His name was stated in the basic piano textbooks, and a few of his songs were also included in the textbooks. He was a living fossil in the piano world, and it was extremely hard to get a chance to listen to him play the piano live.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Albert had shown up at this event. Meanwhile, Dew, the new star of the piano world, was lucky enough to meet Mr. Albert. Everyone looked at her with envy. Dew straightened her posture.

Ms. Alice was already an admirable person in their circle, but Mr. Albert was a greater character than Alice.

If Dew befriended Mr. Albert and received some guidance from him, her status would definitely increase greatly once she returned home.

She had traveled overseas to join the tour because she wanted to elevate her status.

She needed to talk to Mr. Albert! “Mr. Albert passed by the hall just now. He was having a cup of tea backstage, so I guess he’s watched your live performance.” Alice gently smiled and said, “If Mr. Albert compliments you, your trip would be totally worth it.” Dew suppressed her happiness and said, “Thank you for recommending me, Alice. I’ll continue to perform well.”

Alice nodded. The two of them then walked backstage.