Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 278

Chapter 278

(“There’s nothing to discuss.” Adina’s expression turned hostile, and her voice was indifferent.

“Addy, if the kids are really members of the Osborne family, we really need to discuss this.” Mdm. Daugherty sighed and said, “You gave birth to the kids alone, and you’ve worked so hard to raise them. You can’t just raise the kids for the Osborne family for nothing, right?”

“I said the kids are mine, and they’re not related to anyone else. I’m not raising the kids for anyone!” Adina’s voice was harsh, and she was also slightly impatient as she faced Mdm. Daugherty.

“Addy, Mr. Osborne says that he’ll find a way to divorce his current wife, and he’ll bring you and the kids back to the family in Central City. Then, you’ll be the wife of the chairman of Osborne Corporation. How impressive will that be?! Is there anything bad about that?” Ruby acted like a caring mother as she advised Adina. “The Osborne family is great. They have power in Central City, and Mr. Osborne likes you very much. When you marry him, not only will you be loved by your husband, but you’ll also be accompanied by two kids. Who else in Central City will dare to look down on you?” Aaron scoffed and said, “After you join the Osborne family, you can also develop Daugherty Corporation’s market in Central City. This stone kills several birds. You better listen to us.”

Adina chuckled out of anger.

Was tonight’s dinner a trap to force her into marrying Tyson?

She pushed her chair away, stood up, and firmly said, “If the Daugherty family wants to get involved in Central City’s circle, you can send Dew over. I believe that Tyson Osborne won’t turn her down. Anyway, he just wants a lover whom he can keep outside. He can find anyone.”

As soon as she said that, Ruby’s expression changed.

However, Adina was not interested in watching the change in their expressions. She turned around and left in her high heels. “Such a rebellious daughter!”

Aaron instantly slammed the table, and his face was full of anger. “Sigh, Addy is really letting us down.” Ruby sighed and looked at Mdm. Daugherty. “Mom, when you’re free, please advise Addy. This is a great thing. Why is this girl turning it away? Does she really want to live the rest of her life on her own with the kids?”

“Alright, stop talking!” Mdm. Daugherty frowned and said, “I just didn’t want Addy to raise the kids alone and tire herself, so I asked her to come home. What nonsense did you two just say? Tyson Osborne has a wife and a child. No matter what, it would be impossible for Addy to marry into the Osborne family. Don’t you ever poke your noses in this matter again!”

Mdm. Daugherty got up and returned to her room with the help of her walking stick. Ruby felt wronged as she said, “Dear, I was just suggesting it for Addy’s sake. Why don’t they appreciate my sincerity?”

Aaron tapped on the table and pondered for a while before he said, “Osborne Corporation is developing like clockwork. This time, they’ve come to invest in Sea City, and countless big companies are seeking a connection with them. Daugherty Corporation can’t miss this opportunity.”

“But look at Addy’s temper. It’d be good enough if she doesn’t offend them. Would she still let the Daugherty family have a chance to befriend Tyson?” Ruby said coldly. “Unless, we bring the kids to Tyson. Maybe then, he’ll collaborate with us.”

Aaron nodded. “I’m thinking of the same thing too. But that girl protects her kids too well. We might not have the opportunity to see the kids alone.” Ruby’s gaze was dark and profound. She repeatedly thought about what she should do about


As soon as she went back to her room, her phone vibrated. She cast a glance at the incoming call, and her astute demeanor instantly disappeared. She grinned and said, “Dew, you should be very busy. Where did you find the time to call me?” “Mom, didn’t you call Adina back for dinner tonight? How did it go?” “Sigh, that little b*stard didn’t even listen to your grandma. Besides, she refused to bring the kids back to the Daugherty family home. We couldn’t find a chance.” Ruby sighed and said, “ Let’s see how Tyson’s preparation is.”