Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 277

Chapter 277

Adina casually contradicted Ruby, and the woman’s expression changed several times before she flashed her a smile again. “Addy, why did you come back alone? Where are your kids?” she asked.

Mdm. Daugherty walked out with a walking stick and looked at Adina’s back with her haggard eyes. She felt a little disappointed as she said, “You didn’t come back with the kids?”

As she grew older, she began to enjoy the liveliness of being surrounded by children. She had even prepared some presents for the children.

Adina smiled faintly and helped Mdm. Daugherty to sit down. She tucked her hair behind her ear before she nonchalantly said, “My kids are afraid of strangers. I’ll bring them back next time. Grandma, are you feeling better now?” Mdm. Daugherty coughed and said, “It’s the same old problem. I’m just holding on.” Adina glanced around and did not see Dew.

She looked down and leisurely asked, “Where’s Dew? Why don’t I see her around?”

“Dew has been practicing the piano recently. An expert has recognized her talent, so she’s joined a world tour overseas,” Ruby said proudly. “Dew is very skilled in playing the piano. Her teacher says that after this world tour, Dew will become the top young pianist in the country, and her future will be bright.” Adina curled her lips into a sneer.

The Daugherty family had sent her and Dew to piano lessons in the past. They had learned from the same teacher and attended the same classes. Nobody knew Dew’s level better than her.

But it was useless to talk about that.

She then sat down at the dining table. “Since everyone’s here, let’s start eating.” She had to return to the Winters family villa and pick her children up after dinner.

“Don’t you have anything to explain to us?” Aaron appeared imposing as he pulled out a chair and sat down. His eyes were filled with anger.

Adina’s expression was indifferent. “Dad, what do you want to hear from me? Why don’t you tell me?”

Aaron brought the subject up. “Didn’t the twins you gave birth to five years ago die? What really happened to the kids?”

“What happened? Don’t you know from asking Dew?” Adina leaned back in her chair. “Only Dew knows what happened to my kids.”

Ruby’s eyes turned cold. She wore a hypocritical smile and said, “Addy, you sound so ungrateful. Dew asked about you only because she was concerned about you. If Dew didn’t care about you, none of us would know that you still have two kids. I heard from Dew that the kids

actually belong to Mr. Osborne, the chairman of Osborne Corporation in Central City.” Adina suddenly looked up, and her eyes were filled with hostility. No wonder Tyson would suddenly approach her! It turned out that Dew had told him about the children! She sneered. “They’re my kids. They have nothing to do with anyone else!” “How could you give birth to two kids on your own?” Ruby chuckled. “Mr. Osborne has already contacted the Daugherty family. He wants the kids to go back to the Osborne family. Since we’re all here today, we should discuss it.”