Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Alden instantly rushed over and shielded Melody!

He glared at George with his cold gaze.

He had come to the Winters family villa many times, and he finally met George today.

If he had known that George would come home today, he would not have abandoned Melody in the Winters family villa.

George looked up and looked at Alden quietly.

When their gazes met, there were sparks without smoke.

“Ms. Melody, please come with me. I‘ll get you some medication. How did your fair wrist become so red? This is heartbreaking.” Mr. Brown walked over with a first aid kit, which eased the tension. Duke carried Melody and sat on the couch at the side. He personally applied the medication for her, and he did so gently. Alden slowly clenched his fists.

He could have done the paternity test at any time. He should not have abandoned Melody. That caused her to be injured. “Don‘t come near my sister again,” Alden said coldly and firmly. George frowned indifferently. “You and Melody are different individuals. You have no right to stop me from being friends with her.” “You‘re not qualified to be my sister‘s friend.” Alden lowered his voice. “You‘re Dew Daugherty‘s son. You approached my sister because you want to exact revenge for Dew, right? I‘m telling you that I won‘t let you succeed!” George frowned. “What does this have to do with me being Dew‘s son?” Alden‘s heart instantly sank.

He was just testing him, and he did not expect George to directly admit it. In other words, what Melody said was true. Harold and George were Dew‘s sons. Five years ago, Dew had pushed his mom into the abyss.

Five years later, Dew‘s son wanted to harm Melody?

Harold was not frightening.

But George… was unpredictably profound. Alden walked toward Melody. He held her tender hand while he said in a cold yet calm voice,” Mel, let‘s go home.”

Duke was applying the medication, and his hand froze. “I‘ll send you home after dinner.”

“We‘re leaving now. We don‘t need you to send us home.”

Alden‘s voice was filled with unquestionable resoluteness.

Duke felt his head ache, and he massaged his forehead.

He could still control the situation when it was only Harold and Melody.

The situation spiraled out of control after George came home. But after he sent Harold away, the situation was back under his control.

Now that Alden had returned, the situation instantly changed.

He could teach Harold and George a lesson, but he was not in any position to teach Alden a lesson because Alden was not his son.

Besides, Melody had been injured in the Winters family villa. No wonder there were only two children in a normal family. Forget four children, if there was even one more, the family would be a mess… After he applied the medication for Melody, he softly asked, “Mel, do you want to go home?”