Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 274

Chapter 274 He met Melody first and liked her more. Why would this happen?

The boy‘s eyes became teary and red. Harold could no longer control himself. He rushed over and squeezed George out of the way. “Mel, let me take you over there to play with the puzzle.” Harold grabbed Melody‘s hand. “We had so much fun when we were playing with the puzzle. We‘ve just completed half of it. Should we go and complete the rest of it?”

Melody furrowed her beautiful eyebrows and swung Harold‘s hand away with great force.

Harold held her hand tightly and refused to let her go.

“Harold, don‘t you see that Mel‘s unhappy?” George frowned and said, “Let go of her.” “I won‘t!”

Harold was stubborn. He stood up straight and grabbed the girl‘s wrist.

It was fine if Alden stole Melody from him. That boy was Melody‘s biological brother, after all.

But why could George steal Melody away too?

He liked Melody so much and had done so much for her. Why did she treat him like this?

Harold felt so wronged that he wanted to cry. He took a deep breath and forcefully held his tears back.

George‘s eyes became much colder.

He lowered his head and noticed that Melody‘s wrist had become red.

“Harold Winters, I‘ll say it one more time. Let go of her!”

George sounded much sterner.

Harold continued to straighten his back and refused to let go of her no matter what.

George walked over before he moved Harold‘s fingers away one by one.

Finally, Melody could move her wrist out of Harold‘s grip. The little girl then hid behind George like a scared bunny. When she looked at Harold, her eyes were filled with caution and hatred.


Harold could no longer hold himself back. He just opened his mouth and sobbed.

Duke watched the situation and walked over before he said, “B Before you cry, you should take a look at Mel‘s hand.”

Harold sobbed as he looked over. Melody‘s fair and tender wrist was red, and it looked terrifying.

“You say that you like Mel. Is this how you treat someone you like?” Duke said sternly. “Go back to your room and reflect on your actions for half an hour before you come downstairs

again.” Harold stopped crying. “Mel, I‘m sorry. I didn‘t do it on purpose.” Melody hid behind George. She looked down and clenched her fists tightly. “I‘ll go and reflect on my actions. I have to reflect.” Harold cried as he ran upstairs. Then, he closed his room door with a loud thud.

Duke massaged his forehead.

The day before yesterday, he noticed that Melody had kind of pushed Harold away, and he did not know why. Now, he finally understood it. Harold usually acted rashly. He must have hurt Melody and caused her to hold a grudge. George held Melody‘s hand, and they sat on the couch before he softly said, “Harold likes you very much, but he doesn‘t know how to express his feelings, so he accidentally hurt you. Don‘t be mad at him.”

Melody looked down, and her long lashes trembled. “What did you do to my sister?”

As soon as Alden entered the living room, he realized that something was wrong with Melody.

Melody had always been expressionless. She rarely appeared happy or sad, and there were not many things that could affect her emotions.

However, her eyes were red at that moment. Her lashes were trembling immensely, and her eyes were teary.