Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 272

Chapter 272 He was short, so he could move amongst the crowd. A while later, he disappeared from Lucas‘ sight.

“Young Master Alden!”

Lucas was distressed.

Young Master Alden had disappeared from his sight. He had not been kidnapped, had he?

Lucas did not even have time to think about why Alden would come to the hospital.

He kept searching the crowd, but he still did not spot Alden after more than ten minutes. Just as he planned to ask for help in the hospital‘s broadcasting room, he heard a voice behind him. “Uncle Lucas, are you looking for me?”

Lucas turned around. When he saw that Alden was uninjured and standing behind him, his tension finally eased. “Young Master Alden, where have you been? You scared me.”

“I went to buy some Band–Aids.” Alden raised the items in his hand. “My mom‘s feet are worn out from wearing high heels. I went to buy her some Band–Aids.”

Lucas wiped his face. “There are Band–Aids at home. Why did you travel so far?”

Alden looked down and did not speak again.

“Young Master Alden, let‘s get into the car. We‘re going back.”

Alden nodded obediently before he followed Lucas and entered the car.

He sat in the back passenger seat and turned to the side. He looked out the window at the scenery that moved past him while he recalled what the doctor had said.

“The result of the paternity test will be out in a week. Even if we rush it, you‘ll still have to wait for at least three days.”

In other words, he needed to wait for three more days before he could discover if Duke was his and Melody‘s father.

Duke usually came home from work at about 10.00 pm.

However, his car drove into the villa‘s courtyard at about 6.00 pm today.

He pushed open the door and got out of the car. When he looked up, he immediately saw the little girl in pink in the living room.

The little girl was sitting on the climbing mat in her pink dress while playing puzzles. Harold was beside her. He was resting his chin on his hands while staring at her with bright eyes.

Mr. Brown was sitting next to them while holding an ice cream. He fed the little girl from time to time.

It was such a warm–looking scene!

Duke‘s cold expression became gentler.

He walked in, hung his coat at the hallway‘s entrance, and wore a pair of slippers before he walked toward the climbing mat. He squatted down and clapped. “Mel, come over here and let me hug you.”

The little girl turned around. Her glazed eyes instantly lit up like fireworks. They were so colorful and fantastical.

It was a pleasing scenario, but Duke suddenly felt gloomy for some reason. He suppressed the mysterious emotion and softly asked, “Mel, where‘s your mom and brother? Why aren‘t they around?”

Mr. Brown answered on Melody‘s behalf, “Ms. Daugherty said she needs to handle some work, so she went to take care of it. Young Master Alden mentioned that he wanted to go home and get something. Lucas just called me and said that he‘s bringing Young Master Alden back here.”

Duke nodded.

He felt slightly surprised that Melody could actually stay in the Winters family villa on her own.

Autistic children would usually refuse to stay alone in a strange environment.

In that case, Melody must have accepted the Winters family.

The sky slowly turned dark, and a car stopped in front of the Winters family villa. George opened the door and got out of the car.