Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 270

Chapter 270

How could he forget that Adina was an outstanding student at Harfard University?

The information stated clearly that she was an outstanding student in the School of Electronics and Information Engineering at Harfard University, and she was known as a programming genius.

The information had been presented to him in words. How could he have neglected it? Adina… It was actually Adina! That woman was brilliant.

“That‘s all for today. If there‘s any progress in this project, please contact me, Mr. Garcia,” George stood up and said with a straight face. After he spoke, he turned around and left the office. Once Mr. Garcia sent George out, he looked at Brayden. “Did Ms. Daugherty really come up with this formula?”

He still found it surreal.

Experts in programming tended to be very old or have bald heads. Ms. Daugherty was incredibly young and beautiful. No matter how he looked at her, she still did not look like a programmer.

“Of course, it‘s Ms. Daugherty!” Brayden nodded“Her logic is extremely strong. She even suggested a new programming theory, but she spoke too fast, so I didn‘t understand it well. I‘ll ask her about it when I see her next time.”

Mr. Garcia fell into deep thought.


Adina attended the review meeting in Winters Corporation in the morning before she went back to her office to continue working on some miscellaneous matters in the afternoon. She was so busy that she did not have time to even drink a glass of water.

She worked on the project with Winters Corporation and also had to update the chip for Xavier Corporation‘s intelligent product. Besides, she also needed to contact Daugherty Corporation‘s clients. Most importantly, her own company, LaStar Technology Corporation, had just been established. There were too many things that she needed to handle.

It was 5.00 pm in the blink of an eye.

Adina put aside her work before she packed her stuff and prepared to pick her kids up from preschool. At that moment, her phone vibrated. She looked at it, and the caller ID showed that it was her grandma

She pressed the answer button and turned on the speaker. She packed her stuff as she said, “ Grandma, is everything okay?”

All this while, she would usually call Mdm. Daugherty at night to send her greetings. They

never contacted each other during the daytime.

“Addy, bring your kids back for dinner later. I purposely asked the chef to make some of the kids‘ favorite food.”

Adina was taken by surprise. “Grandma, how did you know about my kids?”

“If Dew hadn‘t told me, I wouldn‘t have known that you gave birth to two kids. Addy, we‘re your family. How can you hide such a serious matter from your family?” Mdm. Daugherty sighed. “I heard from Dew that you have a son and a daughter, and they‘re already four years old. Bring them back and let me take a look at them.” Adina‘s gaze became cold. She pursed her lips and indifferently said, “Okay, I‘ll go home later.” After she hung up, the coldness in her eyes became more profound.


It was Dew again!

Why did she tell their grandmother about her children? What was she planning to do? Since Dew wanted to create a fuss using her kids, she would go and see what Dew was planning!

Adina drove to the preschool, and after the kids got into the car, she gently smiled and said, ” Alden, I have something to do later. Can you and Mel hang out in the Winters family villa? I‘ll take you home later.” When Alden heard that, he looked up. “Mom, what are you busy with?” “I need to go and meet a client. We might have to talk for a while,” Adina drove as she explained. Alden looked at Adina‘s side profile. For some reason, he sensed that his mother was lying.