Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Mr. Garcia had never felt so awkward.

The young master had purposely come to learn from him, but he did not make any progress after wasting half an hour.

More importantly, he had no idea who had created this formula because he never paid attention to Project A–F.

While the atmosphere was tense, someone pushed the office door open. Brayden and Mr. Garcia were close, so Brayden rarely knocked on the door before he entered the office. When he pushed open the door and came in, he saw that George was still there, so he immediately took a step back. “I‘m sorry for the disturbance.” After he said that, he immediately closed the door again. “Brayden, please come in.” Mr. Garcia quickly stopped him. He had handed full authority over Project A–F to Brayden, so he thought Brayden should know who had suggested this new formula. Brayden pushed the door open and went inside again. “Yes, Mr. Garcia?”

While he spoke, he dared not look at George. This boy was just four years old, but his aura was too imposing. It made him too afraid of staring at him. Mr. Garcia passed him the paper where the formula was written. “Have you seen this before?”

Brayden looked over, and his eyes lit up. “Mr. Garcia, are you deriving this formula as well? I tried to derive it last night, but I couldn‘t figure out the original formula. I asked Ms. Daugherty for advice just now, and she gave me a full demonstration. Mr. Garcia, look carefully. This formula is magical. After you write it out, you‘ll find that it‘s extremely simple. Before you write it out, you won‘t be able to figure it out no matter what.” Brayden took a pen and wrote down a long series of programming derivation formulas on the draft paper with swishing sounds. Mr. Garcia‘s eyes were slowly filled with shock. When he was trying to derive it, it already did not feel like a simple formula. Perhaps it could

change the current programming technique.

After Brayden wrote out the whole calculation, Mr. Garcia suddenly realized that a common person would not have been able to suggest this formula.

Without a certain level of programming foundation, strong mathematical logic, and a deep understanding of the industry, it was impossible to figure out something so simple yet complex.

“What do you think, Mr. Garcia? Isn‘t this brilliant?” Brayden played with the pen, and his eyes were filled with pride. “Ms. Daugherty is amazing. I asked her for some advice on the

problems that I encountered at work, and she managed to resolve them with just a few sentences. She appears to be two years younger than me, but she‘s unexpectedly intelligent.”

Mr. Garcia was in disbelief. “Did you just say that Ms. Daugherty suggested this formula?” How was it possible?

Ms. Daugherty seemed to be in her early twenties!

How could such a gorgeous lady understand the industry so thoroughly?

“Who else could it be besides her?” Brayden looked puzzled as he said, “If Ms. Daugherty wasn‘t capable, how could she establish a company? Mr. Garcia, you need to attend the next review meeting. Ms. Daugherty‘s perspectives are very unique. If you listen to her, you‘ll be enlightened.”

Mr. Garcia was stunned.

Was that woman so brilliant?

He really could not tell.

“Ms. Daugherty? Which Ms. Daugherty?” George slowly asked. His sight was excellent, so he was able to see the process of Brayden‘s derivation on the draft paper. It looked simple and ordinary, but upon careful thought, he realized that the formula could not have been derived by a normal person. They could even use the formula to apply for a patent. He suddenly wanted to meet Ms. Daugherty. “It‘s Adina Daugherty, the founder of LaStar Technology Corporation,” Brayden said casually. George appeared to be taken aback all of a sudden. Adina Daugherty!