Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 268

Chapter 268 This old project was revived because they had hired a chip designer who was rumored to be outstanding

But Mr. Garcia did not see a legendary person.

He had met Ms. Daugherty from LaStar Technology Corporation twice. She was gorgeous, and she also looked confident.

However, results could not be obtained with just confidence in establishing programming software.

Mr. Garcia did not want to waste his time on this project, but Mr. Winters had handed him this case. If he did not go… Right then, a group of people walked over.

Two assistants in black suits accompanying a four–year–old child stood in front of his office.

When Mr. Garcia saw George, his eyes lit up.

He had worked for Mr. Winters for more than a decade, and Mr. Winters trusted him, so he knew the situation in the Winters family.

Mr. Winters never explained this young master‘s identity, but he could roughly guess that this boy was Mr. Winters‘ son.

There had to be an important thing for the young master of the Winters family to come to him.

In that case, he had a rightful and proper excuse not to attend the second review meeting.

When Mr. Garcia thought of that, he turned to the side and said, “Brayden, I‘ve given you full authority to handle this project before, so you‘ll chair this meeting. If you encounter any problems, it‘s not too late to call me over.”

Brayden was just the Technical Department‘s deputy manager, so he did not know George.

However, he saw how imposing George looked and how he had two bodyguards accompanying him. Besides, Mr. Garcia was respectful toward the boy. He could guess that George was not just any boy without thinking too much. He nodded and said, “Okay, I‘ll go over right now.”

Brayden then went to the meeting room with a stack of documents.

“Young Master George, please have a seat.” Mr. Garcia asked his assistant to get George a cup of tea before he respectfully said, “May I know why you‘re here today?” George raised his hand, and Liam, who was standing behind him, took out a notebook.

George opened the notebook, pointed at a formula, and asked, “Mr. Garcia, can you explain this programming formula to me?”

Mr. Garcia stared at the formula in the notebook for a while and felt slightly surprised.” There‘s a special format for mathematical formulas in programming, but the script for this

formula doesn‘t seem to be correct. Young Master George, where did you copy this from?”

George‘s gaze froze. “You haven‘t seen this formula before?”

When Mr. Garcia saw George‘s gaze, he instantly became speechless. He could tell that Young Master George had purposely come to him because of this formula. He had seen how smart Young Master George was a year ago. At that time, the young master had used his computer and easily invaded the dark web overseas. It shocked him for a very long time.

The young master was very interested in programming, and he was somehow gifted in it. He could not have taken down the wrong formula and come to him. “I… I‘ve seen it.” Mr. Garcia changed his sentence. “I saw it once, but I forgot when I saw it. Let me look at it again.” George sat across from him and spoke stoically. “I‘m trying to derive the most original version of this formula, but I keep getting stuck. May I know if you can help me derive it?” “Let me try.” Mr. Garcia wiped the sweat off his head, while he held a pen and performed the calculations on a draft paper. Half an hour later, George glanced at the draft paper and indifferently asked, “Mr. Garcia, who created this formula? Please just ask that person to come over.”