Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 267

Chapter 26George went upstairs and knocked on the door of the study Duke‘s voice rang out from inside. “Come in.”

George walked in and handed him a document. “Dad, this is Digion Technology‘s financial report for the last quarter.”

Digion Technology was a small company that had been on the verge of bankruptcy. Duke had given it to George, and under George‘s management in the past year, the company returned from the dead. It became the top subsidiary company under Winters Corporation. However, all the information about this company had been hidden to protect George. Outsiders did not know that Digion Technology was a subsidiary company of Winters Corporation, and they also did not know that the CEO of Digion Technology was the young master of the Winters family.

Duke flipped through the financial report and nodded nonchalantly while he said, “Good. The earnings have risen exponentially in the third quarter, and they‘ll explode in the future. You‘ve done a great job with this company. Once Digion Technology settles down, I want to transfer you to the headquarters. What do you think?” George considered it for a while before he said, “Digion Technology will develop a product that serves blind people. I should join only the headquarters after this product is officially launched in the market.” Duke nodded. “It‘s great that you have a plan.” He had used up all of the family‘s resources to train George, and George did not disappoint him. One could say that George was more excellent than him. He was only four years old, but he had already become an outstanding heir. With George‘s presence, the Winters family would not have to worry for a century. “If there‘s nothing else, I‘ll return to my room now.” George pursed his lips. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, his gaze suddenly froze. He saw an open report on the table, and it contained the formula for a programming application. He had worked on technical parts before. One glance was enough to bring up his interest. He subconsciously walked over, picked up the report, and studied the formula carefully. The more he studied it, the brighter his eyes became. He raised his head and excitedly said, “Dad, who submitted this report to you?”

Duke glanced over.

It was Project A–F‘s implementation report. Mr. Garcia from the Technical Department had submitted it to him this morning, and he did not have the time to finish reading it yet.

“Are you interested in it?” he asked indifferently. “Digion Technology is developing software, and we‘ve faced some problems in the technical parts. This formula can perfectly solve our problem. But this report doesn‘t state everything clearly, so I‘d like to talk to the person who suggested this formula.” “Go to the headquarters and look for Mr. Garcia tomorrow. He‘ll explain it to you in detail.” George nodded. He took a photo of the programming formula with his phone.

After he went back to his room, he wrote the formula in his notebook. He derived it repeatedly but still could not deduce the initial formula.

When he turned on his computer and keyed in the formula, he realized that the formula could not be found on the Internet.

In other words, this formula was an original creation. He knew of Mr. Garcia, but why did he not realize that Mr. Garcia had such an ability?


Mr. Garcia was reading a programming sheet in his office in Winters Corporation. Brayden knocked on his room door and walked inside. “Mr. Garcia, it‘s time for Project A–F‘s second review meeting. Ms. Daugherty of LaStar Technology Corporation is here. Would you like to go over now?” Mr. Garcia frowned. When this project was brought up a few years ago, he was not optimistic about it. But Mr. Winters and the young masters from the Sunderland and Walker families had invested in this project. He was just a staff member, so it was not his place to say anything. After they could not find a core programmer, they ended up putting the project aside.