Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 266

Chapter 266 She wanted to be Mrs. Winters!

Dew wiped her tears away before she stared blankly at the road where the cars came and left.

It was not easy to become Mrs. Winters!

She had lost all her handles now.

What should she do?

Right then, her phone rang, and she cast a glance at the incoming call. It was from Alice. Alice would personally give her piano lessons every Saturday afternoon. However, Duke had chased her out of the Winters family villa, and her piano had also been destroyed. Was Alice calling her to cancel the class? Dew took a deep breath before she answered the call. “Good news, Dew!” Alice said happily. “I‘ve been invited to be a live piano tutor on a tour. I can use this privilege to let my student perform on stage. Your skills on the piano are good, so I‘d like to invite you to join me on this tour.” Dew was slightly startled. “Me?” “Yes, you! I promised Young Master George to train you up. This is a great opportunity, so of course I would invite you.” Alice smiled and said, “This tour will mainly be held overseas, and there are a total of five shows. Those attending the concerts will be the bigwigs of the industry. This is a great time for you to increase your popularity.” Dew held her phone tightly. This was the path that George had previously paved for her. Once she achieved something in the piano world, George would help her be part of the Winters family

But now…

“Dew, are you listening?” Alice did not receive any response, so she subconsciously raised her voice.

“I‘m just so happy that I don‘t know what to say.” Dew pulled herself together and acted as if she was ecstatic. “Ms. Alice, please send me the exact time and venue. I‘ll rush over this instant.”

Since the opportunity had been presented to her, she could not waste it. What if she actually became popular in the piano world? What if Duke changed his perspective of her?

This was her last chance.

She had to join the piano circle!

Due to his encounter with Dew, George arrived at the Winters family villa fifty minutes later.

As soon as his car stopped, he saw Adina‘s car drive away.

There was only a one–minute gap. “George, why are you back so late?” Harold walked over unhappily. Melody was unhappy all night, and she did not look at him at all. He was waiting for George to come home and salvage the situation.

Unexpectedly, George only came back after Mel had left. George ignored Harold. He turned around and instructed the staff to carry the piano into the villa.

Harold frowned. “George, are you mad? Why did you buy a piano for that witch again? I‘m not going to let you bring this piano inside.” George glanced at him indifferently. “This is supposed to be a gift for Mel when I meet her for the first time later.”

Harold‘s eyes lit up. “Wow! George, you actually bought Mel a piano. This piano is much better than the previous one. It must be really expensive, right? How much is it? I‘ll pay half of it. We‘ll give Mel this gift together!” “This is my personal gift for Mel. It has nothing to do with you.” George‘s expression was uncaring. “Please leave it here. Thank you.” The staff left only after they placed the piano down. Harold glared at his brother and unhappily said, “I met Mel first. I should be the one who gives this to her. How can you give this to her by yourself?” “I don‘t care what you want to give to her. You can buy it yourself.” George went upstairs after he responded indifferently.

Harold was speechless.

If he had the money, would he have shamelessly said all that? Hmph! George had a lot of money in his bank account simply because he was managing a company.

He would also ask his dad to give him a company tomorrow. He would secretly sell that company and buy gifts for Melody as well as Aunt Adina.