Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 260

Chapter 260

“Melody recently started to learn the piano, so I‘m studying a bit too.” Alden frowned and said, “But I don‘t understand a few points here. Do you know a lot about the piano?”

Duke had learned some piano when he was about five years old, but he put it aside once he lost interest later on.

Nevertheless, he had no problems reading the music staff.

He took the book, sat on the couch, and slowly asked, “Which part don‘t you understand?”

Alden walked up to him and also sat down on the couch.

The two of them were seated closely, and that surprised Duke a little.

Alden had always kept a distance from him when he was in the Daugherty family home previously. There was always some kind of animosity hidden in the boy‘s gaze whenever he looked at Duke.

But this boy was so near him now.

Did Alden finally accept him?

Duke curled his lips slightly as he nonchalantly said, “This is the most basic piano staff. Every music note represents…”

He kept talking

Meanwhile, Alden slowly glanced at Duke‘s shoulder.

His black suit was incredibly neat, and Alden could not see any fine dust.

It took Alden a long time before he finally saw a strand of short black hair on Duke‘s collar.

There was even a hair follicle at the end of the hair.

Alden calmly raised his hand and said, “Uncle Duke, there‘s dust on your shirt.”

He reached out to pat it. Duke did not realize anything strange and handed the staff book back to him. “Can you understand if I explain it this way?

“Thank you, Uncle Duke. I understand.”

Alden took the book and continued reading with great concentration.

Duke observed Alden‘s side profile, and for some reason, he found that the boy was beginning to look more like George.

Meanwhile, Melody was taking big bites of her cake.

Mr. Brown had placed all the desserts in front of the little girl. He grinned as he watched her eat. “Ms. Melody, take your time. Don‘t choke. There‘s still ice cream over here. Eat some ice cream after you take a few bites of the cake. It‘s really tasty. Young Master Harold loves this ice cream flavor the most.”

As he said that, Harold stomped down the stairs.

Harold had heard Adina‘s voice a long time ago, but he was in a class. The teacher had blocked the door and refused to let him come down. As such, he had been really worked up.

In the end, the teacher only released him after he quickly completed two mathematical questions.

“Mel, I miss you so much.”

Harold rushed over and held Melody‘s shoulders.

Whenever he met Melody, he would hug her.

However, the little girl heartlessly pushed him away.

Harold had just rushed down the stairs and had yet to gain a firm footing. When Melody pushed him, he could not avoid falling to the ground.

Melody did not expect Harold to fall from a casual push either.

She immediately got on her feet so that she could help Harold up. But she suddenly thought of something and sat down again. She lowered her head and continued eating the cake.

“Mel, don’t you like me anymore?” Harold sat on the floor and felt slighted as he raised his head. “You weren‘t like this before. Why don‘t you like me all of a sudden? What did I do wrong?” 

When Melody previously avoided him in Aunt Adina‘s house, he had assumed that Melody was not in a good mood, so he did not mind it. But Melody had actually pushed him today.