Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Adina drove to the Winters family villa.

Duke had introduced her to Brenden today, so she needed to keep her promise by going over and preparing dinner for Harold.

She held her children‘s hands and walked into the Winters family villa, while Duke followed her from the side.

When Mr. Brown came out to receive them, the setting sunlight shone on their faces.

They looked like a family of four to him.

Besides, the boy‘s features actually resembled the master‘s. When he glanced at the boy, he looked quite like Young Master George.

If he had no idea that this boy was Ms. Daugherty‘s son, he would have almost thought that there were three young masters in the Winters family.

Mr. Brown suppressed his surprise before he grinned and said, “Young Master Alden, Ms. Melody, we meet again.”

When Harold had been admitted to the hospital some time ago, Mr. Brown had gotten to know these two children.

Ms. Melody did not like to talk, but that did not stop her from being adorable. She was wearing

a pink dress, and she looked like a cute little princess.

Mr. Brown desperately wished for the master to have a daughter because she would definitely

look as cute and pretty as Ms. Melody. “Papa Brown, you can just call me Alden and call my sister Mel,” Alden said obediently. Mr. Brown caressed Alden‘s face. He squatted in front of Melody and said, “Ms. Melody, let me carry you inside. I‘ve prepared a lot of desserts. There‘s chocolate black forest cake and strawberry ice cream…”

The little girl‘s initially low–spirited gaze lit up. Mr. Brown took the opportunity to carry her, and she did not push him away either. She just went along obediently. Adina was a little surprised. “Mel doesn‘t reject Mr. Brown?”

“Harold‘s a handful, so Mr. Brown has mastered the secret of coaxing children,” Duke explained from the side. “He already started preparing once he heard that you were coming today.”

Adina nodded and walked inside.

When she entered the entrance hall, a maid brought her a pair of pink slippers. It looked like they had just been bought.

“You‘ll be coming over often, so I got them to prepare a pair for you,” Duke said indifferently.

Adina looked up at Melody not far away. She was now wearing a pair of little plush bunny slippers.

Meanwhile, Alden was wearing a pair of plain gray slippers. It fit his personality very much,

“Thank you,” Adina said softly.

“I would also like to thank you. Harold‘s a fussy eater, so we hire a new batch of chefs once a week on average. If I had another solution, I wouldn‘t have made this request,” Duke gently explained as he led her into the kitchen.

The kitchen was huge. The place where they kept the ingredients was full of fresh produce. It was no less than what you would find in a small food market.

The chefs stood at the side and appeared as if they were waiting for instructions.

Adina walked inside, took a quick look at the ingredients, and slowly said, “You can take a break. I‘ll make dinner.”

The chefs respectfully said, “Ms, Daugherty, you can just instruct us based on whatever dish you want to cook. We‘ll prepare the ingredients for you.”

Everyone in the kitchen then got to work in an orderly manner,

Duke stood outside and fixed his eyes on Adina.

He suddenly felt that it was not so bad having a woman at home.

He leaned on the kitchen door and kept watching until Alden walked over.

“Uncle Duke, can I ask you a few questions?” Alden pulled the hem of Duke‘s shirt.

Duke snapped out of his daze before he caught a glimpse of the book in Alden’s hand. “Do you study music as well?”

Alden was holding a piano staff book.

Dew had bought it when she previously practiced her piano playing in the Winters family villa, and she had casually placed it on the book rack.