Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 257

Chapter 257

“Hi. I‘m Brenden Watson, Mdm. Adina Daugherty‘s defense attorney. I‘ll take full charge of this case involving her children‘s custody. In the future, please contact me directly, Mr. Osborne and Mr. Jenkins.”

Brenden took out a black gilded business card from his pocket and passed it to them.

He spoke firmly, and his expression was stern as well as serious. He gradually emanated an imposing manner.

Tyson frowned.

He was not involved in the legal industry, so he had never heard of Brenden‘s reputation.

However, he knew Victor, whom he had hired with a large amount of money, was the most famous attorney in Sea City.

If Victor helped him, he would definitely win this case.

The only uncertainty now was whether Duke would get involved in this case.

If Duke got involved, it might become a little challenging.

“I heard that you want to visit the children, Mr. Osborne?” Brenden smiled faintly, pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and slowly said, “The law states that parents have visitation rights, but only with their guardian‘s consent. If the child is taken without the guardian‘s knowledge, it‘s equivalent to trafficking. Mr. Osborne, if you would like to have a cup of tea in the police station, you may give it a try.”

When Tyson saw Brenden‘s sharp eyes, he felt frightened for some reason.

He looked away, scoffed, and said, “Mr. Jenkins says that I can visit, so I will. Do you think I‘m a three–year–old kid who can be scared away by your words?”

Victor coughed awkwardly. What he said earlier was completely fine to scare off people who had little legal knowledge.

If he played that trick in front of Brenden, he would humiliate himself like a clown.

He looked down and said, “Mr. Watson, I was too hasty indeed. I‘ll leave with Mr. Osborne.”

Tyson was completely taken aback.

When did Victor say that he wanted to leave?

He wanted to see his children!

He was the children‘s biological father. Why could he not see them?

Victor dragged him to the road. Once they were far away, Victor sighed and said, “Mr. Osborne, I‘m sorry. I think I can‘t accept your case.“.

“What are you talking about?” Tyson glared at him. “Didn‘t you say that you were totally confident about winning custody for me? Didn‘t you say that you had the professional ethics

of a lawyer and you would help me fight this case until the end no matter what happens? You‘ve taken my money, and this is how you work?” .

Tyson criticized Victor, but Victor could not refute him.

Why was he so unlucky to encounter Brenden?

When Brenden had just graduated, he had defeated an international team of lawyers alone, and that had boosted his reputation ever since.

Victor became Brenden‘s fan because of that case too.

He was aware that he was nowhere near Brenden‘s current skills. If he filed a lawsuit against Brenden, not only would he offend his idol, but it would also make him look incapable. On top of that, he was the best lawyer in Sea City. If he was defeated, it would be an embarrassing look for him, so why not just give up?

“I‘m sorry, Mr. Osborne. I‘ll triple your compensation.”

Victor and Tyson negotiated.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Had it been solved that quickly?

Was Brenden that amazing?

She should have driven faster.

After Adina got out of her car and walked over, Brenden smiled faintly and said, “Ms. Daugherty, Mr. Osborne won‘t be coming to visit the children in the near future. If he dares to pester you and the kids, please just give me a call.”