Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Adina stayed in the law firm for about an hour.

After she spoke with Brenden, she realized that the situation was not as optimistic as she had imagined

Tyson was the children‘s biological father, and she had secretly given birth to them. The court would definitely favor Tyson in that regard.

Besides, Tyson‘s public reputation was of a good father and a good husband. He also had a stable family. That would be very advantageous in the lawsuit. Meanwhile, she was all alone. She had to juggle both work and the children. She would neglect a lot of things. If she were the judge, she might give the children to Tyson too without any inside information.

At the moment, the only solution seemed to be marrying a man.

As long as she had a stable family, Tyson would lose all advantages.

If both of them stood on even ground, she would have a higher chance of winning.

“If you have a stable relationship, the judge will take it into consideration,” Brenden slowly added. “Even though the case is going to trial, it will take at least one month. Don‘t be anxious, Ms. Daugherty.” Adina nodded before she said, “Tyson will bring his lawyer to the preschool and pick the kids up today. What reason can I use to stop him from meeting the kids?”

She did not want her children to know that they had such a terrible father.

Compared with not having a father, having an immoral father was clearly more unacceptable. Brenden cast a glance at Duke who was sitting nearby. He talked to Adina for more than an hour, and Duke was seated at the side the whole time.

He had asked Duke out for a meal yesterday, but the man had told him he was busy.

Yet, such a busy man had waited here for such a long time.

It looked like Ms. Daugherty was a very important person to Duke.

In that case, he could not simply deal with her.

Brenden pushed his glasses and said, “Let me meet Mr. Osborne. I‘m your defense attorney, after all. After we meet Tyson‘s lawyer, let me do the talking.”

Adina was incredibly grateful. “Thank you, Mr. Watson.”

Brenden packed up the documents on the table before he got to his feet and said, “Let‘s go together.”

Duke stood up as well, and the three of them walked out.

Adina and Duke drove over, and Brenden directly entered Duke‘s car. “Ms. Daugherty, please lead the way.”

Adina nodded. She started the engine and drove ahead.”

Brenden sat in the passenger seat while he lazily leaned back. He was completely different from his public posh attorney persona.

“Duke, are you interested in Ms. Daugherty?” he said and winked. Duke stared straight ahead without looking around. “Do you want me to throw you out of the car?” 

“Hey, let me be honest. Ms. Daugherty‘s quite pitiful. She raised her kids alone, and just as things started to look up, the kids‘ father came to her.” Brenden shook his head. “I actually don‘t have complete confidence in this lawsuit, so I had to ask her to get a boyfriend. It‘d be the best if she could find a rich and powerful one.” Halfway through his sentence, he could feel a cold gaze on him.

He continued adding fuel to the fire. “Hey, I think I fit the bill. I‘ve been rated by the media as the most popular young and talented bachelor among women. If I become Ms. Daugherty‘s fake boyfriend, she‘ll win without filing a lawsuit.” Duke‘s gaze was extremely sharp. “You talk too much nonsense.”