Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 253

Chapter 253 At 3.00 pm, Adina drove to the office building that she had visited yesterday… The building‘s entrance was quiet today. Nobody was around. Only two security guards watched the entrance.

As soon as she parked her car, a black car parked beside her. Duke stepped out after he pushed the car door open. Adina unfastened her seatbelt before she also got out of her car.


The two of them walked toward the office building side by side, and nobody stopped them. Duke took the elevator and walked to an office in a familiar way. He raised his arm, knocked on the door, and directly pushed it open. “You really came to find me. I thought you were messing with me!” The man sitting in the office chair stood up. Before he continued, he saw Adina behind Duke. He was slightly surprised as he asked, “When did you get yourself such a beautiful secretary?” “She‘s not my secretary,” Duke answered coldly. Adina smiled faintly and took a step forward. “Hi, Mr. Watson. I‘m Adina Daugherty. Mr. Winters and I are business partners.”

Brenden pushed his glasses up a little, and his gaze on Adina was sharp. Then, he looked at Duke. “Just business partners?” 

Based on his intuition as a lawyer, these two people were definitely not merely business partners.

Duke cast a cold glance at him.

Brenden came from a poor family. His landlord had chased him out while he was studying abroad. Just as he arrived at a dead end, he coincidentally met Duke. Duke‘s family was rich, and he lived alone in a three–story villa. After they met, Brenden became attached to Duke.

Brenden lived in Duke‘s house for more than a year. After he graduated and became successful, he always wanted to repay Duke‘s kindness.

However, Duke lacked nothing. Brenden wanted to have a meal with him, but he never got a chance. Since he returned from abroad, the two of them never had a proper meal together. “I need your help,” Duke said indifferently. Brenden‘s eyes immediately lit up. “Say it! Tell me now!”

He had been wishing for Duke to ask him a favor all these years. He could not wait to repay the kindness he owed him in the past.

Duke motioned Adina to move forward. When Brenden saw her, he immediately understood.

He looked at Adina with a judgmental gaze.

Back when they were studying abroad, Duke was known as the genius in school, and countless juniors wanted to get close to him.

But from the time Duke graduated till he returned, no female student ever got lucky enough to be with Duke. This dude did not seem to like having women around him. In the past, Brenden had even suspected Duke of having different kinds of interests…

Once he saw Adina, he realized that it was not this guy who did not like women, but those previous women were simply not his cup of tea.

“Mr. Watson.”

When Adina noticed that Brenden kept sizing her up, she smiled faintly and interrupted his gaze.


“I would like to ask you for help with keeping custody of my children.” Brenden became puzzled and shocked. “Ms. Daugherty, you have children?”