Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Dew was a venomous snake. If she did not pay attention, she would be bitten. Adina said, “We better let Harold eat in my house. I‘m used to my own kitchen.”

Duke stared at her and calmly said, “What are you afraid of?” 

Adina kmew this man was brilliant and she could not hide anything from him.

She did not beat around the bush and just said, “We met Dew in the Winters family villa previously, and she nearly injured Mel. I don‘t want to take the risk again.” Duke suddenly broke into a faint smile. He lowered his head and said, “Why do I feel like you‘re jealous?” Adina instantly widened her eyes. “Stop talking nonsense. Who‘s jealous? When did you see me being jealous?” “Okay, you‘re not jealous.”

Duke shrugged.

Adina was speechless.


She was not jealous in the slightest! Why would she be jealous? Was this man not too narcissistic? If she did not want him to do her a favor, she would have chased him and his son out! “Don‘t worry, Dew Daugherty won‘t be coming over to the Winters family villa anymore.” Duke schooled his expression and said, “I‘ve told Mr. Brown that she isn‘t allowed to step into the villa again.” Adina was a little surprised. Was this man that heartless? Dew‘s dresses and piano were in the Winters family villa, but he just kicked her out on a whim? But following further consideration, she could also understand. Dew had slapped Harold. How could a person like Duke allow others to hurt his son?

If she were him, she would have slapped Dew ten times over. When Adina thought about it, she felt more at ease. “Okay, I‘ll make dinner every night in the Winters family villa then.” Duke nodded. “Okay, I‘ll take you to Brenden at 3.00 pm tomorrow.” Right after they made the agreement, Harold walked over with his short legs. “Dad, you can talk with Aunt Adina for a little longer. I‘ll go upstairs and play with Mel.” “We‘re going home now,” Duke said indifferently. The little boy‘s expression darkened. “I‘ve just been playing for an hour. I‘m not done yet.

Aunt Adina, I don‘t want to go. I don‘t want to leave you. Whaa…” Adina held him up with a smile and said, “I‘ll go to your house tomorrow night. Now, are you happy?”

Harold widened his eyes. “Really? Are you really going to my house, Aunt Adina? Don‘t lie to


“I‘ve talked to your dad. I‘ll go to your house and make dinner for you every night.” “Wow! Awesome! I‘m happy!” Harold cheered. He danced nonstop, and he was extremely delighted “Good boy. Go back and sleep early. We‘ll meet tomorrow.” Adina lifted him and walked over to Duke before she placed him in Duke‘s arms. Duke carried him impatiently. He then grabbed Harold by the collar and plopped him on the floor

It was getting dark. Harold held Duke‘s hand and turned around from time to time as he left. Alden slowly walked over. “Mom, why are you going to Harold‘s house and making dinner for him?”

Adina had thought about the explanation. She bent down and softly said, “Harold‘s a picky eater. He‘s actually the same age as you, but he‘s a few pounds slimmer than you. It‘s because he doesn‘t eat every day. His father and I are business partners, so I promised to make him dinner for some time so that he can grow healthily.”

Alden looked down. While he had stood at the staircase and talked to Harold, he had also occasionally looked out of the corner of his eye at his mother.

He had noticed his mom and Duke discussing a very serious topic. Assuming that it was about work, he did not pay attention to it. Even so, he felt like his mom was hiding something from him.

However, it was fine for them to go to the Winters family villa for dinner. He could find a chance to obtain Duke‘s hair. This time, he had to conduct a paternity test no matter what.