Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 247

Chapter 247 She drove steadily, and they soon arrived home.

Adina pushed open the car door, got out, and went to the back to carry her children out.

“Aunt Adina, you‘re finally back.”

Adina heard a soft voice behind her.

When she turned around, she saw a cool kid in a denim outfit run toward her. He rushed into her arms like a meatball.

“Harold, why are you here?”

Harold placed his arms around Adina‘s neck and gloomily said, “I’m so hungry. I‘m starving. I want to eat the pasta that you cook.”

Adina was distraught. “You didn‘t sneak out behind your father again, did you?” “No, I didn‘t!” Harold kept shaking his head. “I told Dad. I only came over after he said ‘yes!!»

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He clearly remembered Aunt Adina telling him that if he dared to sneak out of his house again, she would stop seeing him.

Right then, a young bodyguard who seemed to be about twentyears old walked over. “Good evening, Ms. Daugherty. I‘m Young Master Harold‘s bodyguard. I‘m Lucas Foster. The master ordered me to send the young master here, and he requested that I bring the young master home an hour later.”

Adina finally felt at ease. “Okay, let‘s go inside then.”

They pushed the door open and went inside before Adina said, “Alden, play with Mel and Harold for a while. I‘ll prepare your food in a while.”

Alden pursed his lips and nodded indifferently.

Harold was very annoying and clingy, but Alden had to admit that Harold sincerely liked Mel.

Alden could not hate anyone who treated Melody sincerely.

However, when Alden raised his head again, he realized that something was off with Melody‘s emotions.

Her pretty face emanated a terrifying coldness. When Harold approached her, her contempt became more intense.

But Harold did not realize it. Melody did not like to speak, so it was normal for her to neglect him.

“Wow! Mel, is this the toy that you usually play with? This puzzle looks so difficult. The pieces are in the same color. I don‘t know where I should put them.”

Harold took a piece of the puzzle and tinkered with it.

Melody extended her fair and tender arm over to take the puzzle piece before she threw it into the box and closed it up. Her expression was completely unwelcoming.

Harold picked up another building block. “Wow, where did you buy this building block? Ivnever seen anything like it before. It looks so fun. Mel, can I play with it?” Melody looked down and stuffed the building block into her cabinet. Harold scratched his head. “Mel, the teacher says we have to share our toys.” Alden took a toy box and walked over before he nonchalantly said, “There are building blocks and puzzles inside. You can play with them.” Harold immediately took out the toys from the box. They were toys that Alden had played with when he was two, and they were suitable for Harold. He had a lot of fun, and he would ask Alden for guidance from time to time. Alden placed a book on his lap and answered Harold‘s questions incoherently. At the same time, he looked at Melody with worry.

Melody‘s world was very small, and there were only a few people in it. It had not been easy for Harold to finally enter Melody‘s world, so why was she chasing him out again? Alden stayed with Melody every day, yet what did he miss? Adina cooked as she watched the scene in the living room. Three children were sitting on the climbing mat like three soft balls. It was a very warm and harmonious sight.