Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Adina was squished by the crowd, and she did not have a chance to move forward to approach


It was too crowded.

It was impossible for her to meet Brenden this way, let alone ask for his help with the lawsuit. Adina just watched as Brenden entered the building.

While she thought about it, the phone in her pocket rang. She glanced at it and noticed that it ‘was an unfamiliar number from Central City.

She pursed her lips and answered the call.

“Ms. Daugherty, I‘ve already hired the most famous lawyer in Sea City, Mr. Jenkins, for the lawsuit. You can communicate directly with my lawyer if there are any issues.” Tyson‘s voice rang out from the other end of the line. “Oh yeah, Mr. Jenkins told me parents have the right to visit their children. In other words, I have the right to visit my kids anytime. I‘ll go and pick them up from preschool tomorrow. I‘m just informing you in advance.”

Adina held her phone, and her chest heaved heavily from anger. Tyson was determined to steal the children from her! She had to meet Brenden no matter what. She sneered. “Sea City isn‘t Central City. Mr. Osborne, you better not commit a crime. If my kids go missing, I‘ll call the police, and you‘ll be the first suspect.” “Ms. Daugherty, why do you insist on going against me?” Tyson cheerfully said, “I‘ve hired Mr. Jenkins, so you won‘t be able to defeat me. In other words, as long as we enter the courtroom, the judge will give me custody of the children. I‘ll bring them back to Central City and let them live a normal life.”

“Don‘t you even dream about it!”

Adina gritted her teeth, and her voice was filled with rage.

“There‘s another solution for this, ” Tyson slowly said. “You‘ve raised the kids alone. If I just snatch custody from you, it would indeed be cruel. If we get together, the kids will have a father. When they grow up in a normal family, they‘ll have a happy childhood. What do you think?”

Adina chuckled in anger. “We‘ll get together? Tell me how we‘re going to be together?” Tyson thought she had fallen for it, so he immediately said, “I‘ll buy you a house in Sea City, then you and the kids can live there. After I explain this to my family, I‘ll marry you, and the kids will be listed as members of the Osborne family.” Adina scoffed. “Mr. Osborne, please ask Mr. Jenkins what kind of sentence you‘ll receive for bigamy.” “It looks like you‘ve looked into my background, Ms. Daugherty. Yes, I‘m married, but I can also get a divorce,” Tyson said in a casual manner. “But you also know that it‘s more troublesome for a rich family to file for a divorce. It might take a few years. During that

period, you‘ll have to give in. I’ll marry you once I settle my affairs in Central City.” Adina felt disgusted. She could not bear to listen to him anymore and simply hung up. Not only that, but she also deleted and blocked his number.

When she recalled how this man ruined her five years ago, she wanted to kill him.

She told herself to calm down repeatedly before she suppressed her anger.

She stood outside the building for a long time. Many people who wanted to file a lawsuit were waiting outside as well, and it was extremely crowded.

When the clock struck five, Brenden was still nowhere in sight. Others could continue waiting for him, but Adina had to make her way to the preschool to pick – up her kids.

It looked like she had to come up with another solution.

Adina had to leave for the time being. When Alden sat in the backseat, he could keenly tell that his mother was not in a good mood.