Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Adina placed her glass down. Since Tyson had hired the best lawyer in Sea City, she would find the most outstanding lawyer in Central City.

As long as she had money, nothing was impossible.

Adina knew nothing about lawyers. She found the number of a law firm on the Internet, so she called over to inquire. “What? He hired Victor Jenkins as his defense attorney? I‘m sorry. No lawyer in our law firm can survive three rounds with Victor. Please look for other experts.”

Victor Jenkins was Ethan‘s friend.

“Isn‘t there anyone better than Victor Jenkins?” Adina asked calmly.

“Of course, not! He‘s the best in the industry. He established the biggest law firm in Sea City in his early twenties. I’m a fan of his. Oh, if there‘s someone who can compare to Victor, it would be Brenden Watson. Do you know Brenden Watson? He‘s a bigwig of the legal industry who always stars on the law channels. His silver tongue is legendary. I guess Brenden‘s the only one who can defeat Victor.”

Adina‘s eyes instantly lit up. “How can I hire Mr. Watson?”

“You‘re not serious about hiring Brenden, are you? He‘s very eccentric. He only accepts cases that he‘s interested in. His family is rich, so he doesn‘t rely on cases to make money. He just accepts two cases a year, and he takes ethical cases that involve rich families. He‘s really strange.” The person on the phone was also a lawyer, so he was talkative. Adina found a window to interrupt him and directly hung up after she thanked him.

Then, she keyed in Brenden‘s name into the computer.


few pages of information instantly popped up. The media described the man using powerful words like “the hero of the legal profession“, “the pride of the legal profession“, “silver tongued“, and “the golden attorney.” However, they only used one term to describe his character: strange. If he was not interested in a case, he would not accept it even if he was offered a few hundred million dollars. If he was interested in a case, he would willingly help with the lawsuit even if he had to pay with his own money.

Either way, this man was outstanding

If Adina could make Brenden her lawyer, she would not need to worry about having her kids stolen.

Adina joined a private group and stalked it for a while before she obtained some critical information.

It turned out that Brenden had a law firm in Sea City, but because he was not always around,

the law firm was not famous. It was just surviving.

At 9.00 am tomorrow, Brenden would attend the annual debriefing session in this law firm.

So, Adina drove to the law firm the following day. Unexpectedly, a large group of people was already waiting there. “I have to see Mr. Watson today. If he helps me, I‘ll be able to win the lawsuit.” “Please go away. I came here first. I need to meet Mr. Watson before you!” “Everyone, please step away! Mr. Watson‘s consultation fee is $100,000 an hour. Can you afford it? If you can‘t, get lost!” The group of people continued to cause a ruckus outside the law firm. A while later, a car stopped in front of the firm. Before the car door was opened, several dozen bodyguards rushed out of the building and protected the area. A man in a gray suit stepped out of the car. He wore a pair of glasses and seemed quite gentle. However, behind those glasses, there was a sharp glint in his eyes as if nothing could escape his sight.