Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Adina smiled indifferently. “Everyone wants to marry him? So, would you also like to marry Duke? Aha! If your husband hears what you‘ve just said, I wonder how he‘s going to react.” Sophia‘s expression instantly darkened. “Don‘t try to create rumors!”

“If you can start a rumor, why can‘t I?” Adina chuckled. “I can just add something to it.”

Sophia was so angry that she almost fell down.

When she saw someone in her group chat mention that Adina had hooked up with Duke, she became so filled with rage that she almost fainted. On top of that, there were photos as evidence.

All the women in Sea City had a desire to become Mrs. Winters, and she was, of course, no exception.

But she knew who she was, so she only dared to dream about it.

If her husband found out that she dared to think about another man, he would probably get himself a few mistresses to cause her trouble.


Adina glanced at Sophia before she walked into Ethan‘s office in her high heels.

She did not care about the gossip in their circle. There was too much news about her. If she paid attention to every piece of news, she would die from anger.

“Addy, why are you here?” Ethan stood up and got her a glass of water.

Adina sat on the couch and casually asked a few questions about the product. Then, she changed the subject and offhandedly asked, “Ethan, some time ago when we spoke, you mentioned that your classmate opened a law firm after he came back from studying abroad,


Ethan nodded. “He‘s running the biggest law firm in Sea City. Why?”

“I‘ve opened a studio, haven‘t I? I‘d like to get a legal consultant. Ethan, can you introduce us?” Adina lowered her head and drank some tea. She did not want the Xavier family to know about the children‘s custody yet. Her grandmother was old, so she did not want her to worry about such things.

Ethan contemplated for a while before he said, “He‘s the founder of the law firm, and he‘s also the most senior lawyer in the firm. He‘s so busy that he always seems to be missing in action. I‘ll call him and see if he has the time to meet us.”

Adina smiled and said, “Thank you, Ethan.” Ethan tapped open his phone, found the number, and dialed it. “Mate, how‘s it going? Are you busy?” 

The person on the other end said something, and Ethan raised his eyebrows. “Someone from

Central City hired you as their lawyer? Your firm‘s business scope is getting wider and wider…” When Adina heard that, her heart sank for some reason. She knew that it was rude to interrupt when people were talking on the phone, but she could not help but say, “Ethan, could you ask your friend if his client from Central City is Tyson Osborne?” Ethan repeated what she said before he turned around. “Addy, he said ‘yes.‘» Adina held her glass tightly and slowly said, “Ethan, I‘m planning to file a lawsuit against Tyson. I didn‘t expect him to move faster than me.” Ethan‘s friend heard what she said, so he apologetically replied, “Mr. Osborne and I signed the contract half an hour ago. He already paid the $2,000,000 consultation fee, so it‘s impossible for our firm to violate the contract. It would‘ve been great if you had called me half an hour earlier. I wouldn‘t have signed the

Adina shook her head gently.. After Ethan chatted with his friend for a while and hung up.

He frowned and said, “Addy, I still know other lawyers. I can introduce another one to you.” Adina pursed her lips and said, “I want a lawyer who‘s better than your friend. Does such a person exist in Sea City?“. Ethan became silent. His friend had returned from studying abroad and recruited talents from all over to establish the biggest law firm. The law firm had only been established for about five years, but it was already the top law firm in Sea City. It had the best lawyers in Sea City, and Ethan‘s friend was the most excellent one in the firm.