Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Alden moved the mouse and clicked on all the news.

The news generally painted Tyson as a good entrepreneur who loved his wife and child.

That night, five years ago, in the Grand Emperor Hotel…

This man claimed to be his and Melody‘s father. Had Alden made a mistake?

The brilliant Alden started to doubt himself.

He should have done the paternity test last time.

Daylight came later in the late autumn. When Adina woke up, it was already 7.30 pm.

The lighting in her room was dim, and some sunlight only shone in when she drew the curtain to the side.

She then stood on the balcony and gave Ava a call.

“Ms. Jones, the man from yesterday isn‘t Alden and Melody‘s father. If he visits the preschool again, please don‘t let him approach the kids.” Ava naturally gave Adina her word, and she sighed in relief. Next, she would have to look for a lawyer.

She would not admit defeat in this battle.

Adina took a deep breath and inhaled the cold late autumn air before she began to get ready.

By the time she went downstairs, her children had already woken up, and Alden was combing Melody‘s hair. Two braids fell on either side of her face, which made the little girl look soft spoken and elegant.

Adina smiled gently at them. “Alden, where did you learn how to do braids?”

Alden felt a little shy. “I watched a tutorial video yesterday, so I tried it today. It‘s quite easy.”

Adina stroked her son‘s head.

Her Alden was truly the sunshine in her life.

Taking Alden and Melody away from her would be like taking her own heart.

After the three of them got ready, Adina sent her children to preschool and drove to Xavier Corporation.

After Xavier Corporation‘s smart products were launched, they were highly praised by the market. Countless agencies had approached them to get the products, and now, the factory was working overtime every day. They were extremely busy, and the price of the company‘s stock had also begun to grow slowly. They were becoming a strong dark horse in the stock market.

Adina had a technical stake in the project as well, and she received a good amount of dividends as a result.

She walked into the lobby, took the elevator, and went to the top floor. When she stepped out of the elevator, she met the person she did not want to meet the most.

“Well, isn’t it the most beautiful woman in Sea City?” Sophia had just exited another elevator before she saw Adina.

Adina‘s makeup was light, and she was wearing a white shirt along with a pair of jeans and black high heels. It looked like she was casually dressed. But even though her outfit was casual, she was absolutely stunning. That made Sophia so jealous that her eyes turned red, and she also spoke sarcastically. “Didn’t you hook up with Duke from Winters Corporation? Why would you still have the time to wander in Xavier Corporation?” Adina glared at her. “What do you mean?”

“Why are you still pretending? Everyone knows that you and Duke went to the hotel after you left the cruise the night before last!” Sophia rolled her eyes. “It‘s not reported in the news, but everyone in the circle knows about it, okay? Every woman in Sea City wants to marry Duke Winters. You‘ve really gotten yourself a treasure.”