Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 242

Chapter 242 The calm voice of a man rang out behind her.

“Ms. Daugherty, why are you leaving in a rush?” Tyson slowly walked over.

Adina could feel a venomous snake crawl up from her ankle, and it was extremely terrifying.



ng Mel into the car and lock the doors. I need to deal with

She soft something.”

Alden obediently helped Melody into the car. He closed the car door only after he raised his hand and took a photo of Tyson.

Adina took a deep breath and turned around. “You‘re Mr. Osborne, right? Let‘s go to the side and talk,” she said coldly. She took a few steps to the side. She did not want Alden to hear the conversation between her and this man.

This man was terrible. He was not worthy of being Alden and Melody‘s father.

Tyson cast a glance at the kids who were sitting inside the car. The boy was obedient and well–behaved, while the girl was beautiful and adorable.

They were his children! It was unbelievable!

He had easily found information about Adina on the Internet.

After this woman slept with him, the Daugherty family put her on house arrest for eight months.

In other words, she could not have given birth to another man‘s children. These fraternal twins of different sexes were his children!

“I bet you‘ve also checked me out since you know my last name is Osborne.” Tyson chuckled.“ You secretly gave birth to my kids and hid this from me for five years. You didn‘t think that I would find you, did you?” Adina curled her lips into a sneer. “Who says the kids are yours?” “I‘ll know whether they‘re mine or not after a paternity test.” Tyson lit up a cigarette. “Once I get the report for the paternity test, I‘ll take custody of the kids. I want the kids!” Adina‘s expression turned cold.

A paternity test report was a court–approved document. Once Tyson obtained it, they would be embroiled in a lawsuit. She pursed her pink lips and firmly said, “You wish!” Tyson‘s expression also became cold. “It looks like you want to file a lawsuit against me. Fine, go ahead and get a lawyer. I don‘t believe that I won‘t be getting my own kids back!”

After he said that, he threw the cigarette to the ground, swung his hand, and left. Adina clenched her fists angrily. That man had approached her aggressively, so she could not sit around and wait. She only turned around after she calmed down. Then, she pulled open the car door and entered the car. As she fastened her seatbelt, she heard Alden‘s voice from the backseat. “Mom, who‘s that man?” Adina‘s hand froze for a moment before she spoke in a casual fashion. “He‘s just a collaborator. You don‘t have to pay him any mind.” Alden pursed his lips and continued to ask, “But why did he call himself our father?”

Adina‘s heart sank.

She immediately came up with an explanation and nonchalantly said, “He‘s been pursuing me, and he wants to be your stepfather. I‘m not interested, so he came to your preschool to approach you. He wanted to get on your good side first. Alden, remember that man‘s face. Whenever you see him, you have to stay away from him. Don‘t talk to him.” If their father were a bright and open–minded man, she would not handle things in such a


Unfortunately, Tyson was a jerk. He was disqualified from being a husband and a father. He was not even good enough to show up in front of the children. Even though the children needed a father‘s love, she would not compromise and let such an immoral man enter their lives. Each of the three people in the car had different thoughts. After they reached home, Adina cooked in the kitchen, Melody practiced the piano, and Alden sneaked into his room. He transferred the photo that he had taken into his laptop. When he did a search on it, a lot of news articles popped up. He frowned and carefully read every single piece of news. Suddenly, he saw an article from five years ago. “Congratulations to Osborne Corporation from Central City and Grand Emperor Hotel in Sea City for their collaboration. Mr. Osborne, the CEO of Osborne Corporation has been invited to stay in Grand Emperor Hotel‘s Premium Presidential Suite…” His mother‘s 18th birthday party fell on the same day too.