Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 238

Chapter 238 The warehouse door was locked, and there was a raging fire outside.

Yet, Adina still managed to escape under those circumstances.

It was due to the presence of these two children. Adina must have survived that desperate situation because she wanted to protect her children.

Why did Dew not wait for a little longer four years ago?

If she had gotten rid of all of them, she would not be facing such a difficult situation now. Dew felt extremely troubled.

She never expected there to be quadruplets. Buzz!

Right then, her phone vibrated violently.

She cast a glance at the incoming call. It was from Tyson.

She instantly calmed her complicated and messy emotions. She could still salvage the situation as long as there was Tyson.

“Mr. Osborne, you called me just in time. I just obtained some information about the kids.” Dew wore a cold smile and said, “They were born late in the summer four years ago. I calculated the time. I think you made Adina pregnant that night, and she gave birth to twins of different sexes.

Tyson was very happy, but he caught himself. “I met that woman yesterday. She was completely drunk, and I wondered if she would sleep with any man last night. She slept with me five years ago, and it‘s possible that she slept with other men too. Those two children might not be mine.” Dew smiled indifferently and said, “Mr. Osborne, Adina is a daughter of the Daugherty family.

The day after she slept with you on her 18th birthday, my father grounded her in our warehouse, and she never once got out for eight months. How could she have slept with other men? I don‘t know about after that, but I‘m sure that those kids are yours!


“As for the kids, the elder brother is Alden Daugherty, and the younger sister is Melody Daugherty. They‘re very good–looking. They study in Golden Sun International Bilingual Preschool, and it dismisses the children at 5:30 pm. You can wait outside the preschool. When you see the kids, you‘ll know that I‘m not lying.”

Outside LaStar Technology Corporation…

It was a public office building, and there were three companies on the same floor.

A tall figure was standing in the public corridor. He was pacing back and forth anxiously.

A few of Mr. Roberts‘ staff members surrounded the reception area while they peeked at the figure and gossiped about him. “Wow! That man looks handsome. Who is he?”

Oh, gawd! Why were the little b*stards‘ birthdays exactly the same as Harold and George‘s?

Those little b*stards, especially the girl, looked like they were only three years old! How could they be almost four years old? Dew looked up with difficulty before she slowly asked, “Is it possible to fake the kids‘ age?” “There might be false elements in other aspects, but the age is usually not fake,” the dean said. “Even if the children‘s ages are a month apart, there would be huge differences in their behavior and language. The teachers will be able to tell immediately.” “I got it.”

Dew slowly walked out of the preschool, and she felt a little dizzy. If Alden and Melody were also four years old, and they were also born that night… it meant that b*tch, Adina, gave birth to quadruplets! She gave birth to two sons first before she gave birth to twins of different sexes! She had four children! They were quadruplets! No wonder her belly had been big! She had been pregnant with four babies! Dew stood on the street, and the cold breeze messed up her hair. She kept thinking about that night four years ago. After Adina gave birth to the boys, she locked the door to the warehouse and left. She even set it on fire.