Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 237

Chapter 237 “Ms. Daugherty, why are you here?” The dean politely gave Dew a glass of water.

Dew looked down as she arrogantly and coldly said, “I‘ve come to investigate some information about two students.”

The dean was stunned. “The preschool‘s rules require that all student information remain confidential. Nothing can be disclosed.”

“Mr. Winters plans to let Harold return to continue his studies, but he wants to check the qualifications of his classmates. I’ll just bring the information back and show it to Mr. Winters. I won‘t spread it. You don‘t have to worry about this,” Dew said nonchalantly.” Besides, Winters Corporation is a huge company. Your students‘ information is useless to them.”


When the dean heard that, he was ecstatic.


Harold, the young master of the Winters family, had studied in this preschool for half a year before. Back then, the Winters family had invested at least $30,000,000 in the preschool. When Harold left, they instantly lost a money bag.


If Harold came back to preschool, Winters Corporation would definitely invest in them again.

This was great news!

When the dean thought about that, he immediately brought her the information about the kids in class.



Dew glanced at the file. That used to be Harold‘s class in the past, and she knew all the kids there.


“Bring me the name lists for all levels. Mr. Winters wants to pick the best class,” she said indifferently.

The dean turned around and brought her all the name lists.

Dew quickly glanced through them and finally stared at the Ninth Class. [Alden Daugherty.) [Melody Daugherty.) They were Adina‘s little b*stards. Dew curled her lips into a sneer. She extended her finger and said in a casual fashion, “I want to see detailed information regarding these two students.” The dean was just focused on the amount of the investment, so he did as he was told. He went through the archives and looked for it. Then, he finally found the forms that had been filled up during the registration. Dew took the two forms and carefully read every word on them.

The birth date on the first row instantly shocked her!









Oh, gawd! Why were the little b*stards‘ birthdays exactly the same as Harold and George‘s? Those little b*stards, especially the girl, looked like they were only three years old! How could they be almost four years old? Dew looked up with difficulty before she slowly asked, “Is it possible to fake the kids‘ age?” “There might be false elements in other aspects, but the age is usually not fake,” the dean said. “Even if the children‘s ages are a month apart, there would be huge differences in their behavior and language. The teachers will be able to tell immediately.” “I got it.” Dew slowly walked out of the preschool, and she felt a little dizzyIf Alden and Melody were also four years old, and they were also born that night… it meant that b*tch, Adina, gave birth to quadruplets! She gave birth to two sons first before she gave birth to twins of different sexes! She had four children! They were quadruplets! No wonder her belly had been big, She had been pregnant with four babies! Dew stood on the street, and the cold breeze messed up her hair. She kept thinking about that night four years ago. After Adina gave birth to the boys, she locked the door to the warehouse and left. She even set it on fire.